dress question. please help!!

I found the perfect dress but there is one small issue.. I think it makes my breasts look like they are on full display. I'm 5ft 2, 125 pounds and natural size 32 triple d. The dress I found has a sweetheart neckline and mermaid style. I tried on one size and it fit for the most part, only the small of my back area would need to be taken in. I'm considering getting a size up so that it can be altered to my body. While the other one fit my chest for the most part, I think if I get a bigger size it won't be as fitted.

Should I get the size I tried on or go bigger. Not sure what to do.

thanks for reading!

Re: dress question. please help!!

  • Did you try on the next size up?  If you have the ability to do that, I would.  Sometimes, a bigger size doesn't mean more material to cover the girls.  Sometimes it means a bigger neckline to put them more on display.

    One of my bridesmaids was a little disproportioned and they had her order the size that fit the biggest part of her (she has really wide hips compared to the rest of her body). 

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  • I will go back and try it on a bigger size. I just felt pressured by the sales person to buy that day and that size so I had to walk away and think about it.

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