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So two of my fiance's three siblings are in the military. One is going to be a groomsman and one is going to be a bridesmaid. For the ceremony are they to wear their uniforms. Personally I do not mind if they do. I am proud of both of them and if they had the choice and wanted to wear it, I would not care one bit, not to mention the fact it would save them money from buying a dress or a tux. On the other hand I would not mind if they wanted to be as the other people in the wedding party and buy a dress or a tux. 

My question is are they suppose to wear it for the ceremony or do they have a choice?

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Re: Military Uniforms

  • I'm no expert - but having dated a few Navy guys back in my early 20s, I remember having this conversation a few times.  I believe that traditionally, the uniform can be worn at formal events, but it is not required.

    I think it's awesome that you're open to them wearing them!  I would talk to them about the issue and see what they are most comfortable with. 
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  • I second what Hcorrigan said- see what they want to do!
  • Just tried posting this and it deleted everything and didn't post...Let's try this again!!

    I also agree with hcorrigan. H is in the Air Force and he wore his uniform in our wedding, but we've also been to weddings where the groom or groomsmen are in the military, but didn't wear their uniforms.

    I would recommend asking them and if they both want to wear their uniforms, make sure they agree on the type of uniform they both want to wear. They should have matching formality when it comes to what they wear. For example, if one of them wore their regular uniform or their blues, and the other wore their mess dress (military equivalent to a tux), that would not be good for the one that was under dressed.

    We had a saber arch in our wedding and all the guys wore the same level of formality. Usually for weddings, it is wearing their mess dress, which they both may not have.
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