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Inviting Professors -- Asking for addresses

So, my FI and I are inviting our profs. from grad school (same school, same people), for sure, as well as his advisors from undergrad. But, I feel really weird about emailing my former profs. and asking them for their addresses. Of curse, I was really close to all of them, have been to social events with them, even outside of strict school duties, have met partners, and know where they live, just not the exact details of their address. I also would really like them at the wedding. But I just feel weird sending emails asking "what is your address?" Of course, I had to do this for our current profs, and that went just fine. Somebody tell me to get over my fears and send the email already!

Re: Inviting Professors -- Asking for addresses

  • Get over your fears- they'll be thrilled to hear from you and excited about your wedding!  :)
  • Are you still in school?  I invited some professors, and I hand delivered the invitations.
  • Get over it! Haha. I have several professors I plan to invite to our wedding. Some of these range back to my freshman year of my undergraduate degree. If they are important to you and care about you as a person they will gladly give you their address. Don't fear, what is the worst they can say, No?
  • If you were that close to them I don't think it will be a problem.  Worse case scenario they would say no or tell you to send it to their campus address.
  • If you have previously discussed with them that you are getting married and you have graduated asking for their address would be okay, and if they know your getting married its likely they'll instantly know why. They may ask why and tell them you are looking to send an invitation to a very special event. Or they might refuse, in that case just sent it to their office!
  • OK, thanks guys. I'm going to send the emails tonight. :)
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