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Hi all!
Getting married 6/15/13 at the Union Bluff. Colors are sky blue and light yellow. Was looking at centerpieces and found a really cute idea...submerged gerber daisies and yellow tulips:

Has anyone used a florist in the southern Maine area that can do something like this? Or if you guys have any other suggestions on florists that can do simple centerpieces such as the one above, let me know!

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    Looks pretty easy to do, plus you have plenty of time to experiment. I'm thinking Christmas Tree shop for the vases and you could practice with marigolds to get the hang of it. I did something similar once and layered flowers and cracked ice and put one of those immersible colored lights in the bottom of each one. The ice will melt during the night and it stays pretty the whole time. Good luck!
  • I was also going to suggest making them yourself.  I think most places charge an outrageous amount of money to make centerpieces (or anything flower-related).  You might even be able to find vases like that at the dollar store.
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  • HCorrigan is right.. I am doing something similar- and I am DIYing it- got  my vases on the Dollar Stores Website!
  • Great ideas all, thanks! If you have any tidbits on how you did it please let me know. Thanks!
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