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I have seen Chef Roland's name come through these threads SEVERAL times!  I am considering Ballymeade and was hoping to get feedback on Chef Roland.  Is there an email address for him?  Can't seem to find a website.

If anyone could share price points and ranges they expereinced with Chef Roland...that would be great.  Please PM me if you dont mind sharing!  

If you didnt use Chef Roland....who did you use at Ballymeade?

Re: Chef Roland

  • We ended up at a place where we don't need a caterer, but did look at Highfield Hall who raved about him, too.  Seriously, I haven't heard one bad thing.  His business is very word-of-mouth based, so you won't find websites and marketing ploys for him pretty much anywhere.  His phone number is available on google.
  • We're using Chef Roland at Ballymeade! We met with a couple caterers off the Ballymeade list, but Christine (their wedding coordinator) strongly recommended him, and we absolutely love him. He's very "old school" for lack of a better term when it comes to technology type stuff, but not when it comes to food! Every time we see him he's come up with something new and creative. His price points average around 65 per person but he'll work with any budget as long as it doesn't effect quality. One important thing to know is he does an amazing job but he really wouldn't work well with someone who wanted a lot of control over the menu. He readily admits that he doesn't want to work with someone who wants to micromanage him. We loved that about him and are definitely letting him do his own thing cause that works for us, but I could see how some brides might not work well that way. We love him though. Let me know if you have any questions about Ballymeade!
  • Chef Roland was probably the best vendor of my whole wedding (at Ballymeade, which was also awesome). I love him and his food and could not recommend him highly enough. 

    I'd say cmartinesq said it exactly right. At the time of my wedding, (Fall 2010) he said he was getting an email address, but I'm not surprised he hasn't. He's not one to be super organized, like sometimes he definitely forgot things we talked about in previous meetings (I told him I didn't want swordfish 3 times, pretty sure), and up until the food was in front of me, I didn't know exactly what we would get, but we just trusted him to get it done. People still honestly talk about the food from our wedding, and he gave us so much of it for less money than any other caterer I talked to. 

    One thing that I liked-- he gave me a list of people to call, including one person who actually wasn't that happy with him-- she admitted to being a micromanager and said she had problems with not getting things nailed down ahead of time, which is his big flaw. But the food is so, so good, all the servers were great, and once we signed him up I just didn't worry about it any more. I want to say it was something like 65 a head as well, for tons of apps, 2 entrees, and gelato bar. 
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    Anyone know his phone number????
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