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Memories Gown Preservation-Davids Bridal

Has anyone used the Memories Gown Preservation company affiliated with David's Bridal? If so, what was the time frame from when you sent out your dress to when you got it back? What time of year did you send it out? Has anyone ever opened the preserved box?

The reason I am asking all of this is because I bought the kit when I bought my dress. I sent my dress out to them 10 days ago and I already have it back! Basically my dress went from the east coast to texas and was "preserved" using their "premier preservation" (which I paid extra for) in the matter of 4 days, one of which was a sunday. I feel totally uneasy about how fast this was supposidly cleaned. I am tempted to open the box and see if it was in fact cleaned. I feel like I got scammed.

Does anyone have any feedback on this company? Thanks.

Re: Memories Gown Preservation-Davids Bridal

  • I used it.  I have not opened the box back.  I can't remember how long it took me to get it back (I live in Indiana).  I also did the premier.
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  • I used them as well. I got my dress back in a few days too. I have not opened my box either but the front (through the box window) looks clean. 
  • I used them as well but haven't opened the box. From the outside, everything looks good. I think it took about 2 weeks from the time I shipped the dress to the time I received it back. 
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