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New Hampshire

Reception Meal Choices Opinions Please!

Hi Ladies,
      My FI and I are deciding on an alternate meal choice to prime rib or beef all together really.  (We're cost cutting) We will be offering baked stuffed chicken with a vegtable and a side as one choice.  The chef at our venue is willing to make a veggie lasagna with salad and rolls.  They don't usually have a pasta option.    FI doesn't think that is a good choice.  The other options that I thought of would be baked haddock  which is on the venues regular menu or a meat lasangna.  I was thinking of pasta options because they would be less expensive than some of the others.  It works out to be about $10 less a plate!  What do you think??  Any other ideas?   Oh and it's a lunch reception 12:00- 5:00  TIA

Re: Reception Meal Choices Opinions Please!

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    I don't think there would be any problem with the veggie lasagna, especially since it it a lunch reception.  And it would give the vegetarians in your crowd an option!
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    I think people would expect a lighter meal for a lunch reception, so chicken and veggie lasagna would be good options. 
  • MrsScotty1011MrsScotty1011
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    I completely agree. A veggie lasagna would be a great choice. With it being lunch I think that it fits perfectly. The fish would be my other choice. A meat lasagna would be too heavy IMO. What a great way to cut some costs.
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    A lot of people are turned off by fish.  I can't think of anyone who doesnt' enjoy lasagna.
  • Luv2Cook27Luv2Cook27
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    I agree with the rest of the girls, I think Chicken and Veggie Lasagna are great choices. 
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  • EDK2010EDK2010
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     I would go for the chicken and veggie lasagna! Like pp have said since it's lunch it is a great light option!

    We are having a vegetarian option as our third choice as my Step-Dad is a vegan and never gets to eat a proper meal at weddings because there is usually never a veggie option!
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    I think I like the baked haddock better...but mostly because it is lighter.  It depends though on the quality--generally a large amount of veggie lasagna's would always taste a lot better than mass produced baked fish unless you are paying top dollar for the caterer.  I would do a taste test of both and see which you and your fiance prefer and choose that! 
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