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We're proving our own alcohol at the wedding (yay!) but dont know what path to take with the wine.  We're doing a self serve bar, so it will be bottled wines so people can take them to their tables.  We want a red, a white, and a blush..

If you a providing your own wines, did you do a local winery, or branch out? And what style/maker?

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    Local wineries are great! I love Nissley and they usually have sales throughout the year so you can easily stock up!!
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    we got our wine through nissley. we prefer sweet so we actually got our three favorites (grapeful red, grapeful white, and fantasy). if you purchase cases you can get a discount.

    also... you could go to MD and stock up at a liquor store and save some money because you dont pay taxes there. it depends if you're looking for something specific or not.

    also, a lot of wineries will do custom labelling. we didnt do this because we werent giving the bottles as gifts but that is something you could consider.
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    Local wineries are much better than buying at the state store.  We love Long Trout in Hamburg, PA; Va La in West Chester, PA; and Hauser Estate Winery in Biglerville.  Hope this helps:)
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    We got 3 buck chuck (Charles Shaw) from Trader Joes.  We got Chardonnay, White Zin, and Cab Sav.  It get's really great reviews and it's only $3.  Of course you have to get it out of state, my mom lives in NC and picked it up for me in Raleigh.

    We're also having liquor and beer, so I wasn't going to break the bank on wine.
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