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Rehearsal Dinner and Out of Town Guests

Hey All,
We are working on having a rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal the night before the wedding... I noticed on here it'snot mandatory to invite out of town guests.... but what do you do when the majority (85-90%) of your guests are from out of state?  If anyone has any suggestions or have gone through something similar that would be great!!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner and Out of Town Guests

  • Hey We have same situation. We are doing the rehearsal and dinner with only the bridal party and immediate family. Then we are having everyone meet at a nearby restaurant/bar with everyone from out of town. We are in a downtown area so it makes it easier, everyone can walk from hotel and we don't have to pay for a reception the night before the wedding
  • Thanks!!!  That is a really good idea... We are more in the suburbs, but I'm pretty sure that there's a bar/grill place nearby !!!
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    We also have a high percentage of OOT guests. For our Saturday wedding, we're doing our rehearsal and RD for only immediate family and WP and their SOs on Thursday night. Friday, the night before the wedding, we're hosting a more open, casual BBQ dinner at a park and invited all wedding guests. I didn't want to do any postwedding brunch, so the BBQ gives us a good additional opportunity to visit with the OOTers.

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  • My FI's parents were going to host a dinner for the WP, families, and, OOT guests, until they realized just how many people that would be.  We've decided to forgo having a rehearsal at all, and my FI and I will be hiding from the masses the night before our wedding.  I have no idea what everyone else will be doing, or if there will still be dinner for a large group of people, and I don't care.
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  • Yeah, we were kind of thinking of forgoing the rehearsal dinner and just having everyone meet up at a restaurant if they want.... but I don't know if that's kind of tacky because they would be paying for their own meals.... but it would still be a way to get people together....

  • We didn't invite our out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner.  It's something that's a nice thing to do, but not required, and in our case the dinner wasn't anywhere near where the guests were staying.
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  • We had the same situation, about 90% of our guests were from OOT & requiring a hotel stay.  We didn't invite them because I didn't want to throw 2 receptions essentially 2 nights in a row.
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  • Thanks everyone!!! This is very helpful... I'm kind of thinking of forgoing the rehearsal dinner... just so I have time to hang out with some of my friends/family from NY I haven't seen in over a year... to me, visiting with my guests is more important than the rehearsal dinner...
  • We're having a rehearsal/salmon bake at my future in-laws in the early afternoon.  We planned it this way so that in the evening we can all gather informally (word of mouth sort of invite) at a bar/restaurant near the hotel to visit with the OOT guests.  They are important to us and we want to hang out with them, just not feed them for two whole days!
  • JBC123JBC123 member
    We had a similar dilema.  What we did was those OOT guests that were part of the bridal party (or spouses thereof) were invited to the rehearsal dinner and then my parents invited (and paid for) some of the relatives. 
  • Thanks everyone for your help... I think we are going to forgo the rehearsal dinner.. that way we can relax and just enjoy our family/friends!!!
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