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Hi everyone!  A friend of mine is planning on getting married where she lives in Maryland.  She wants a private ceremony, and she wants to do it soon.  Since I am getting married next year, she asked me what she needed to have in order to get a marriage certificate in Maryland (Birth certificate, ID, etc.).  I am not really sure, since I am getting married in Delaware, so I thought I would ask you girls here on the MD board.

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Re: What do you need.....

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    In addition to what PP said, you need to have cash to pay for the marriage license.  I can't remember how much it costs but when H and I went to get our marriage license we were going to use a credit card but as soon as we walked in there was a huge sign saying "cash only" may be different from county to county, but I suggest you just be prepared so you don't have to go searching for an ATM.

  • Really? Cash only?  Wow you can definitely do CC at in Harford Co.  I even pay my water bill online.  Which county are you in?
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    My H and I got married in Baltimore City.  We walked in prepared to use a CC (not thinking we couldn't) and then had to sacrifice our place in line to find an ATM that would take Hs card (I didn't bring one and his was old so the strip on the back doesn't always work).

    I am sure people who live in Baltimore City/County can pay for their bills online but it was just the marriage certificate that required cash.

  • Whatever county your ceremony is being hosted in is the county where you will need to get the marriage license from. Call the county courthouse for specifics.

    My wife and I went to the courhouse in Baltimore County - we had to pay cash as well and there was a 72 hour waiting period. I went initially, needed my social security card and drivers license as well as my wife's social security number.

    We waited 72 hours, went back to get married and they never even asked to see her i.d.! I could've married anybody as long as I had their social security number...gotta love the government.
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