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Kosher + NYC + Budget (catering and venue recommendations, please!)

Please, I would be super-grateful for your help:

Planning a kosher brunch wedding for next spring, in Brooklyn, Queens, or NJ. 

Can anyone recommend a beautiful indoor/ outdoor venue? Delicious dairy catering? Neither of which would break the bank? 

Re: Kosher + NYC + Budget (catering and venue recommendations, please!)

  • check out thsi blog for ideas! kosher & venue stuff

  • A few thoughts off the top of my head:

    I went to a kosher wedding at a venue in Prospect park, I do not recall if it was the picnic house or the boat house, but you may want to check it out. 

    Also I know that you can have an eary morning ceremony in the brooklyn botanical garden for a relatively small fee, but I think if you want to have the sit down meal there it is very expensive so you may have to have a different location for the meal if you go that route.

    I've heard the crystal plaza in NJ is nice but I haven't been there personally.

    I went to a lovely (though not kosher, so you'd have to check on that) wedding at the Queens County Farm.  Very nice outdoor and indoor space.

    My SIL had her wedding at a conservative shul in Brooklyn that happens to have a lot of nice parks nearby that you could do photos, etc. at.  A shul would def. be an affordable way to go.

    Good luck!
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  • Morrell Caterers is a great option for your venue. They have 3 locations on Long Island: Woodbury, Melville, and Lawrence and the cocktail room and wedding hall is attached to each temple! Check out their website at

    P.S. The food and service are SUPERB!
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