First Look pictures at Portland Head Light

My fiance and I flew up from TX to choose our photographer and flortist and nail down the Portland Country Club for recpeption and perhaps even ceremony.  I think I've been talked into seeing Dave before the cermeony and having our pictures (just the two of us) at Portland Head Light.  Has anyone had their pictures done there?

We liked Heather Caron, the florist from Gorham over Minnotts just because she seems fun to work and we'll hopefully get more bang for our buck.

Re: First Look pictures at Portland Head Light

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    Our ceremony will be there next July, so our pictures will be there.  I do not know anyone who has done their pictures there for a wedding, but my photographer is very excited about all the possabilities (I believe she has shot a wedding there before).  My FSIL's boyfriend does photography on the side and has shot groups of people there for non-wedding events.  We're hoping he'll do our engagement photos there before it snows!
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    I have been to two weddings and shot a wedding this past summer there. When my FI and I did the photography for this summer's wedding there were 4 other bridal parties on the grounds so just be aware it is a busy place in the summer.

    There are some fabulous spots other than the lighthouse. The mansion is awesome (There is a discusting fence at the door I used a tension rod and two curtains to cover it), there is an old ampitheater area with great old steps as well as where the cannon used to be down the walking path.
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