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Wear my glasses or try to get contacts?

So I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 I'm not totally blind without them but I do need them to see. When I went to buy my gown everyone told me not to wear my glasses that it ruins my natural beauty. A lot of people have been saying for me to go to the eye doctor and get a pair of contacts just for my wedding day but I have never worn contacts.

Also my fiance said he loves me in my glasses and it's kind of one of the ways we identify ourselves. (He wears glasses too) It's kind of hurtful to me when people tell me I look better without them or not to wear them on my wedding day. I mean I want to be able to see without headaches and my glasses are kind of part of who I am.

Should I not wear my glasses and get contacts? Or what is the nice waay to tell people that I'm wearing my glasses on my wedding day if they like it or not?

Re: Wear my glasses or try to get contacts?

  • lls31lls31 member
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    If your glasses are a part of who you are, then wear them.  

    Anyone who gives unsolicited advice about your glasses is being rude.  You don't owe them any explanation.  Just show up to your wedding in your glasses and that's that.
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    I would wear them if you want to, it is your decision. Anyone that gives you a hard time about it, simply explain that you feel that they are part of who you are.

    I wear glasses and have for the last 3 or so years and I am hoping to wear contacts for the wedding and hopefully from then on. But that is my choice. No one can tell you what youshould or shouldn't do, and what makes you feel pretty :)

  • MyUserName1MyUserName1 member
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    Oh, screw them.  I hate it when people say stuff like that.  

    When people say crap like that, I'd just say "oh, thank you" as if they're just complimenting how pretty you are and don't address it.  It's none of their business.

    Also, contacts take a while to get used to.  I have to wear them for my job, and so just finally got them two years ago.  You will probably be VERY uncomfortable all day if you try to wear them for the first time on your wedding day.

  • jtolyjtoly member
    I agree that contacts take a while to get used to, I'm a daily contact wearer. If you were gonna try them start early. However, who cares about glasses! My XH wore his glasses on our wedding day, it was a part of him and he looked good either way.
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  • I've been wearing glasses for the better part of my life and unlike you, am pretty much blind without them. LOL. But I've also been wearing contacts on and off for years as well, and fully plan on sporting them on my day. It's basically a comfort thing, but definitely start early if you're not used to wearing them. I don't know if you're aware of this, but getting contacts requires a separate exam from the one you get for glasses, so remember to keep timing in mind. All of the eye doctors I've been to don't ever have the contacts in stock and then they have to be ordered.
  • I'm wearing mine, and anyone who says not to can GTFO. I just wouldn't look like me without them, and I want to be recognizable on my own wedding day.
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  • pgcppgcp member
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    I'd respond to anyone who suggests that contacts are the right choice by asking "Why would you say/ask that?" with an absolutely puzzled look on your face.  If you regularly wear contacts then you should wear them (or get a new fabulous pair) for your wedding.  You will want to look like you on that day.
  • Definitely wear your glasses! Once you decide on a dress and accessories, you could possibly get a new pair that 'matches' everything else.
    My dad has two pairs of glasses, depending on what he's wearing. He thinks he is very fashion forward for a 55 year old man. :)
  • Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the comments. I guess I was most concerned about ripping my blusher I bought a very nice veil but just found out davids bridal sells blushers for 20 dollars so I'm going to go with that! I will still wear my nice veil just with a cheap blusher and if it gets messed up or ripped on my glasses that will be okay.
  • I don't think your blusher veil will get damaged at all unless you've got pointy edges or spikes coming out of your frames.  I've also been wearing glasses since the age of 8 and am having a blusher.  I'm getting contacts for convenience while we're on honeymoon (snorkeling, sunglasses, etc.) but I never even considered not wearing my glasses for the wedding.
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  • Wear you glasses!  The people telling you not to are rude jerks.
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  • I'm wearing mine, even though I've had people suggest I don't.  My FI agrees with me. I hate contacts, they dry my eyes out totally.  I figure everyone knows me with glasses, so why change just for the wedding.  
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