who is everyone using for their cake baker?! love to hear feedback good and bad!
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Re: cakes!

  • We used Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott.  Her prices were fantastic and the cake was delicious.  We are looking forward to defrosting our top tier on Monday to eat for our anniversary!
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  • We're using Katie Made Bakery, the baker is super easy going, great prices, amazing cakes and willing to work within any vision or budget.  She did my MOH's wedding last October ... can't wait for our cakes!
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  • Owen Dyer at ConfectionArt in York. He's amazing, and his cakes are SOOO good. The man is an artist. He's actually making us a little sculpture of our dog made out of modeling chocolate as a surprise for FI. :-)
  • I am using Jessica at Nothing Bakes LIke A Parrott. She is amazing and her bakery is so cute. She was wicked easy to work with and the goodies taste wonderful! Her prices were the cheapest ones I could find besides going to Sam's Club or Walmart. 
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  • We're having Y-Lime's cupcakes. She made us a dozen minis of each kind for our samples so that our family could sample them too- and they were delicious! Everyone will get to sample up to 4 different kinds (Grasshopper, Turtle, Raspberry lemonade and orange creamsicle).
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
  • i am doing cupcakes and whoopie pies. and then just a small cake so we can freeze for our one year! but i have 2 different bakerys in mind that i have had cake from both and its been amazing.  two fat cats in portland and the cookie jar in cape elizabeth! so i'm not sure which one i am going to go with!
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  • My cake was done by Mike at the Bankery in Skowhegan, it was perfect and everyone loved the way it looked and tasted.  The prices were very reasonable, I thought, especially for the detail that my cake included. I'll never buy another cake for an event anywhere else!
  • We got our cake from Frank's Bakery in Bangor.  It was delicious!  I definitely recommend them.
  • COOKIE JAR! Probs gonna be your cheapest option and best tasting lol. Plus Donna is so amazing. Our florist delivered dead flowers to her the night before our wedding and she went out and got us new flowers. Of course she didn't have to but I am forever grateful. She didn't tell us until she ran into my mom at Hannaford one day. Love love love!
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