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Who should I invite to the rehearsal dinner?

Obviously I'll be inviting our parents, our bridesmaids/groomsmen, ushers, pastor and readers, but do I also invite the flowergirls/ring bearers (and their whole families)? 

I guess I wasn't thinking of the cost of the dinner when I decided to have SEVEN flowergirls and a ring bearer! I'll definitely need them there for the rehearsal, but would it be rude to just invite the kids and one parent to the dinner portion? Who else am I forgetting to invite?


Re: Who should I invite to the rehearsal dinner?

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    I have this same question except I am wondering if my BM and GM should bring their signifcant others or husbands/ wives.  I think we will invite the ring bearer to dinner becaues he is my nephew and the flower girl and her parents. 
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    In my opinion yes you should be inviting the flower girls and family to dinner. I assume you are close enough to them to ask them to be a part of your wedding and you might hurt some feelings if they are not invited. As far as the spouses you should invite them too.
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    Anybody who is in the wedding party should be invited to the RD and their SO's or the families of the kiddos.

    Our RD had:

    -My Parents
    -DH's Parents
    -Our BP and their SO's
    -Our FG and her family
    -Our RB and his family

    Also, my mom since she was hosting invited my grandparents and OOT guests. But we also had a backyard rehearsal and dinner so it wasn't as expensive as holding the dinner at a restaurant.
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    Agreed with summerkutie.

    If you're worried about cost, you can have a budget friendly RD. Look at getting pasta for everyone, and then some salads. Keeps the cost down, it's filling, and pretty much everyone can eat it!

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    Yes, it would be rude to invite only one parent of the children. And holy crap, 7 FG"s is overboard IMO.
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    If they go to the rehearsal, you absolutely need to feed them afterwards. I can't imagine the kind of chaos that will ensue with 7 flower girls. Good luck.
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