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Shower Problem HELP?

My FMIL sent me this email today, I am not sure what it means.  FI thought it was odd and we will probably call tonight and find out what's up.  My FI's family lives about 2.5 hours away from us and we were planning to go there this weekend for my bridal shower.  Please don't quote because I will probably come back and delete the letter.  Do you think she WANTS me to cancel the shower this weekend?  I really don't know where this is coming from.  My Aunt is throwing me a separate shower in my hometown for my family and friends on March 24th but we sent a  invite to FMIL as well.

Hi "Bride"
Just touching base about March 2nd.
I know the weather has been terrible.
If you and your mom can come on Saturday just for that occasion
that would be great. You and "GROOM" don't have to stay over. We understand that you are very busy right now.
If you can't make it I'll notify everyone here and on March 24th, if it was OK with your
Aunt, maybe two of my sisters could come to that Bridal Shower.
I have disscused it already with the girls down here about maybe having to cancel due to weather or sickness.
Everyone down here understands.
Please let me know tonight (Thursday) if you don't think you can make it so I can get "FFIL" to phone them Friday night.
Sorry about sending this so late but I have been working some overtime and I am tired.

Re: Shower Problem HELP?

  • hmmm that is very strange. I would have your FI call and ask what is going on... I don't understand why she just couldn't call and ask you this if she needs to know ASAP.

    It sounds like she doesn't want it to happen, maybe she is unprepared and does not have everything set for the party? I don't know! Let us know what happens. Good luck!
  • That is very strange...I don't even know.

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  • I know strange, I thought the same that it is just too much work for her to do this weekend.  She is working afternoons so hopefully we can get her on the phone later tonight.  

    Weather is always a concern this time of year but depending on the forecast we would drive down on Friday night or Saturday.  Right now the forecast looks okay!

  • edited February 2013
    Maybe I'm not understanding her email, but it honestly just sounds like she wants to make sure you're on for the shower down in their neck of the woods this weekend--and if you're not, if it would be all right if she came to your other shower, with her sisters.

    I think she's just trying to be accommodating, honestly.
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  • Yah I read it again and I think she is just trying to be overly accomodating for us.  I feel so awkward about this whole shower thing maybe I am just unnecessarily stressing.  Thanks for the comment.

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