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Any of you know of ballpark photog prices? Ive heard quotes of about 5k for 2 photogs. It sounds steep to me.


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    [QUOTE]Any of you know of ballpark photog prices? Ive heard quotes of about 5k for 2 photogs. It sounds steep to me. Thanks!
    Posted by thegoldenbear[/QUOTE]

    <div>We paid $3k for ours (almost 2 years ago). That included e-session + 2 photogs & 1 assistant for 8 hours on our wedding day. </div><div>I LOVED ours (<a href="," rel="nofollow">,</a> but I know other girls here have used a few others who they've been very happy with too. </div>
  • We paid around $2000 a couple of years ago too. We did a lot of research and pricing can be as cheap as $500 to over $6000 but you just have to make sure that you look and look and look until you find someones style you like and that's in your price range. We went with Nataly Lemus Photography and were very happy with what we paid and with the quality of her work. Good luck finding a ohotog.
  • Looked at photographers ranging from $2K-$7K in Santa Barbara/Ventura area.  Noticed that some price quotes that were cheaper didn't include anything but photographer showing up...everything else was an add-on.  Once you add up the cost of prints, touch-ups, etc some of the package deals were actually a better deal than the cheaper photog with nothing included.   So...remember to ask exactly what's included in the price quote :)  Also note the good but still affordable photographers tend to book up further in advance.
  • Good point hottovy!! I know our photog was already booking 2013 in 2011!!! 
    Other things to keep in mind- even if they take great pictures, you want to get along with them too as you'll spend a good part of you day with them. 

    I also remembered- I have another friend who is a photog, although I'm not sure what his rates are. But check him out.
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    If you can work with 1 photographer, Christen Barnes in the LA area is amazing! I found her on craiglist as my fiance and I are on a super tight wedding budget. Fiance's a recent law grad with good amount of school debt to give you an idea of how tight our budget is. I just recently had our engagement photo shoot and loved working with her. She is still charging $1100 for 8 hours of wedding day coverage, and includes engagement session. For the quality of her photography, I could not find anything near her price.  I found some others that were cheaper than her but trust me, you would not want these photographers taking your wedding and engagement photos.  She is super sweet and easy to work with. Always very responsive!

    Google her name and you'll find her photo blog to see her portfolio.
  • One thing that stood out to us when we were choosing which photographer to go with was not only their pictures that they took, but how well we got along with them and what else they had to offer.  We met with many photographers before choosing Chris and Gina from Chris Holt Photography.  Their photos spoke for themselves, and when meeting them they were fun, friendly and love what they do (some of the other ones we met with were total duds!)  It was refreshing to hear that they saw us more as close friends than clients which means that they care about what our photos look like and their packages offered things that were important to us (like albums).  We booked them for just under $3200 but they offer packages that are lower and higher.  Contact them and see what they can do for you -

    good luck and Congrats!!!  
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    Honestly when I did my search for photographers they were all around at least 1000 and up for magazine quality photos and that was just to show up and give you a cd, no prints. There are sites where you could probably find a decent one on a budget, I would try or if you want to hear some lower prices but I will say sometimes in life you get what you pay for so be careful.
  • Just like with anything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer.  Best advice I could give you is this:  Make sure that the photographer you choose is someone that you "click" with (pun intended) because they will be the one vendor you hire that's going to be with you ALL DAY.
  • We are paying $750 for 4 hours with prints and CDs from Just A Girl From LA Photography
    Bride to Be  8.23.14 - Dominican Republic 
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