We're having the hardest time with deciding on our music! Has anyone worked with Mitch Dugan? He owns the Music Man DJ service. He has offered me a discount, but I haven't heard great things, so I am hesitant.
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    I heard some great things about him from one of my co-workers, but he seemed really pushy to me.  I just wasn't comortable with him (it was like he was trying to sell me a car or something). 

    I decided on another DJ that I got some great feedback about - Tap Fitzgerald from Sideshow Music.  He's been wonderful so far, and really supportive of my kooky 80's music idea.  He's done weddings and anniversary parties for a few of my co-workers, and they raved about him.  I'll have a full review after the wedding on 8/28!
    August 28th, HERE I COME!
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    We met with Mitch and did not like the experience at all. He seemed uninterested, bored and provided really little information about what he did that was exceptional from any other DJ service. He also seemed annoyed that we weren't ready to book right away but wanted time to think about it. The DJ who came with him who was supposed to do our wedding was also unprofessional. I believe the company has recently gotten some poor reviews on weddingwire, but you should double check.

    We used Tom Morissette (from Double Platinum Celebrations) and LOVED him! Everyone said he was awesome. He kept the dance floor moving all night (which I didn't appreciate until we went to a wedding recently and the DJ managed to clear the floor more than once with his music selections). He was a real MC and helped us organize a time table and kept everything running smoothly. More than that, it was obvious he really cared about making our wedding special and taking the time to get to know us, what we wanted and make sure it was done right. I really honestly can't say enough good things about Tom.

    We paid $800 for five hours, I believe. A really good deal, considering everything we got in return. Trust me, you'll get what you pay for; cheaper isn't always better.

    Tom works with Double Platinum but also has his own company, so you can book him through both.
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    We emailed and met with a bunch of DJs and decided to book Northeast DJs. We are working with Greg. Prices are a bit more than the other DJs we talked to but they offer a lot of different services. Not sure how many DJs they have but might be worth looking into. Good luck.
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