DOC trade?

Hi ladies - 

looking over all the stuff i have planned for decorating and seeing the tight time frame at my venue i don't think i'll be able to do it all myself and i don't want to make any of my wedding party miss pictures, rush getting dressed, etc

my wedding is in Vancouver- just across the bridge and i was wondering if there were any Portland area brides that would be interested in trading Day of Coordinating duties with me? I would coordinate for you - decorate, direct vendors, run around looking for tweezers, whatever, if you would be interested in doing the same for me

let me know what you think!

Re: DOC trade?

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    That is so cool!! I wish I lived closer now ... doing something like that in Grants Pass would never fly. 
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    This is a great idea! I wish I could say yes right now.... Unfortunatly I'm in the Military and so is my Fiance, so I'm not sure I will still be here.  We are actually looking at the 5th of March of our wedding now (last min deployment moved it again :( )  Long story short LOL...If you haven't found someone closer I would love to help you out, If you wouldn't mind coming to Tillamook to help us out? 
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    I don't have a wedding to trade with (unless you have a time machine and are willing to travel back to 2002) but if no one else is able/willing to do it, I'd love to.  I'm a stage manager by trade and training, so this is what I do, basically.  We could work out some other swap if you feel the need for it - you can help me wash my windows or something :-P
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    If my wedding wasn't 3 weeks after yours I would definitely say yes, but something tells me I am going to be stressing about my own wedding far tooo much by then. That would be awesome, though.
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    Great idea, but I can't plan anything that far out. Not even my own wedding! Have you tried posting on the local Craig's List?
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    honestly - i'm a little afraid of craigslist.  silly i know, i've bought stuff off of there but i am always really freaked out, but i will try posting on Off Beat Bride

    @DramaGeek - i will keep you in mind! i am pretty good at window washing :)
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    I"m on OBB too :)

    I'd offer, but my wedding is in september, and I'm scared to plan that far out in advanced.  I wish you the best of luck though...

    I"m flying solo on that stuff myself... I'm thinking about asking an aunt to help me with queuing things up
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    I'm turning to my sister in law for this stuff. I trust her judgment 100 percent and she knows what I want. Then again, I'm not expecting any major problems. And with my short hair, it's not like that is going to take hours to do on the wedding day!!
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    sounds like a great idea i'm on board let me know
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    This is a fantastic idea!  I'm getting married in July of 2011 so this might totally work.  There would be enough time before my wedding so that I wouldn't be fretting about mine and enough time after your wedding that the post wedding exhaustion will most likely not be bothering you anymore.  Where are you getting married at?  We are going to be getting married at the coast.  Let's chat a bit more to see if this would work for you and me both!  
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