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Did anyone else....

Take the month of December "off" from wedding planning? I did - - I did not want the stress of the holidays to partner-up with the stress of planning the wedding.  I guess its time to get back on the horse though! Still need flowers, photo/video and to actually book my DJ and my wedding is July 14, I am so stressed now!
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Re: Did anyone else....

  • I took a break too! Way to much going on this month to even think about booking anything.  My wedding is not until 10/5 so I still have time but plan to get back on the horse come the new year. 

    Happy Planning!
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  • We took a hiatus as well. Our wedding isn't until September 2012 and we have a lot accomplished so we were in a good place to take some time off. We'll pick the pace up again in Jan!
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  • We took a break too and are 4 months away!
  • I took a break and today i just booked a photographer. now ill probably not worry about anything else until our tax return lol
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  • I definitely took a break!  I was exhausted from everything and even though I'm excited, I'm having a hard time getting back into things.  I have limo, makeup and hair to get donein terms of vendors and i think they are the biggest issues....I've got some time though, september though.  Ugh
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  • I emailed a million vendors (ok, more like 30) for prices and then took a break for the month of December. 5 months away and we're just booking the photographer and I'm on the fence about our prospective DJ's. 
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