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The Limo battle

We have a lot of people that have to be in the limo (about 25 including us), and our houses, the church, and venue are literally all within a 10 minute drive of each other. I've always wanted to be altogether after the church with the bridal party to do a champagne toast and get the party started kind of environment. For this, we'll probably need a limo bus.

However, my fiancee hates the idea. He wants a seperate car just for us after the church. While I understand that he wants to be alone (very sweet), it seems silly to pay for an additional car for such a short drive. And I think it's silly to abandon the Bridal Party who wants to celebrate with the newlyweds. I don't like the idea of seperating ourselves from those who gave so much time and money to be in our bridal party. 

I don't see any compromise here :-( Help!

Re: The Limo battle

  • I think limos are a waste of money in general but for me personally I would have one car for everyone. It's a 10min drive, I think your FI can deal with it.

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  • He seems really adamant on the issue. Claiming it's the only thing he wants of the wedding (rolling eyes). That's an additional $1000. How can I get us alone time without the need for the car?

    Church is over at 4:30. Figure we'll be out of  there by 5 after pictures. Then pictures at the Watermill until the reception starts at 6. I know I sound like a crazy planner, but unfortunately the wedding day is not only about us. There's 200+ peaople involved. Alone time is hard to get. We have our whole lives for alone time! lol

    Any ideas?
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    Well if he wants the extra car he should pay for it. I think it's not needed but I'm not saying dont do it but I don't think u should have to pay for something that u don't want or dont think is necessary. I hear u on the u have ur whole lives to be alone thing. Truthfully I would either make him pay for it or tell him to deal with it. I don't think limos are worth it bc basically ur in them for like 15mins and then u pay for them to sit and do nothing. Im planning on just driving myself to my own wedding.
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  • Pay for it himself, it's our money! lol. But yeah, I agree with you.

    We just spoke and made a temporary compromise. To take a seperate car after church on the way to photos, and then ride to the reception with the bridal party. That way he gets his "alone time" and I get time with the bridal party to do a toast and whatever. I'm fine with it....but it still doesn't solve the cost issue. That's shelving out at least another $400 for a 15 minute drive. Most limo places have a 3-4 hr minimum, so it's not like I'm going to get a cheaper price.

    We don't know anyone with a really nice car, and I wouldn't be caught dead in his car (he also suggested that). 

    What's with men and cars!? ugh
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