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Hey ladies,

I was just wondering which dress you think looks better.
Right now I am saying I like dress 1. I won't get to see either dress until the appointment in February. So who knows, I might like dress 2 more.
Anyways,which one do you like? :)

dress 1

dress 2

Re: Which One

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    Oh I like dress 2 - it's very fun!  What style of wedding are you having?
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    I love #2 but #1 might be more forgiving and comfortable because of the fabric. So I say just have the girls try them on and see what their favourite is!
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    Haha..I'm pretty sure I had both of those dresses saved in my inspirations file.

    I like number 2, but definitely have the girls try both on and see what looks good and feels comfortable!

    Are you getting them in the purple color?
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    Yeah it will be purple.
    It is a fall wedding.
    Dress 1 is chiffon and dress 2 is taffeta.
    They want a short dress. I am still not sure as to what style. I want them to match for the ceremony pictures.

    Is there any specific dress that is cocktail length but has a more of a fall feel to it?
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    My girls are wearing short dresses, so we didn't really look at anything cocktail length.  I would just suggest to check around the Alfred Angelo page to get ideas, but it's the best when you actually get in stores and see what they have and you can actually see what the dresses look like on the girls!
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    I'm also slightly obsessed with Sophia Tolli, because that's the designer of my wedding gown!  There's a couple stores here in Saskatoon that carry her line, I don't know where you live though.

    Here's the link to the spring collection:

    There's a side bar on that page to go back and look at the Fall 2010 collection as well.
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    I love dress #2.  It's different and isn't as plain as the first dress.
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    Thanks :)

    I'm actually in Newfoundland lol

    I would prefer if they stick with Alfred Angelo because the Bridal Salon only has Alfred Angelo flower girl dresses and I want their shade of purple to match the flower girl. And different brand names have different shades and whatnot.
    And the whole reason they want to go with the Bridal Salon is because they will get a discount because that is where I got my dress.

    I guess we'll know for sure what looks and feels good in February when we go :)

    Thanks ladies
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    If anyone else checks this out again, would you please look at

    It has 3 different dress styles. All from Alfred Angelo and below the knee.
    Again the bridesmaids are saying it doesnt matter so I would like some input from other brides-to-be and brides.
    I guess as to which looks the best and which woudl be best suited for a Fall wedding.
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    Yup, I definitely had your BM dress #s 1 and 2 on my saved list!! lol!! (In black and apple green though. Didn't end up with either of them, go figure)

    I snooped around your bio as well, and saw your daughter's (right?) dress, and therefore came to the decision of dress number 1 for your bm's because the style is a lot alike!

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