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My Wedding is tomorrow!

I just had to vent I guess how excited and nervous I am feeling right now. I have a whole mix of emotions going through me and I have to get them out. It's not that I am nervous to marry him or "take the next step" ( we have lived together for 3 years, together for 7, we have 3 children, he has one and I have two...we have a dog, a mortgage, etc..). I am more nervous about all the decisions we have made in this entire planning process. I just hope everything turns out great. Everyone keeps telling me it will be beautiful, but it doesn't erase the worry, ya know? I still have to pack for my honeymoon today, and have RD . ugh, so stressed...anyone else feel the same?

Re: My Wedding is tomorrow!

  • Good Luck for tomorrow. I felt the same last week before my wedding, but everything turned out perfectly. And I'm sure it will for you too!
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  • I'm w/ you!! I was sitting in the balcony of our church the day before yesterday it all of a sudden hit me. I know my day isn't going to be perfect that's ok but I'm worried that stuff won't get done or we won't have enough seats blah blah blah ; I'm sure it will be ok for both of us though! God luck sweetie!
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    [QUOTE]Well , everything went perfect!!! Weather, venues, vendors, everything was amazing!!!! Thanks girls :)
    Posted by jerzmom114[/QUOTE]<div>Everything goes ok.Congratulations.</div><div><div>
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