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Get to Know You...


Re: Get to Know You...

  • Age: 32

    How did you meet your FI?
      Local dating website, similar to Match.com. I was fed up with it actually and almost didn't send him a message. But I did. And now, almost 5 years later, I can't imagine my world without him.

    When is/was your wedding (date)? 
    June 2, 2012

    What do you love about your FI? 
    He "gets" me. He is strong, brilliant and loving. He always knows how to make me laugh. He sees the best in me and makes me want to be a better person.

    What do you wish was different about your FI? 
    I wish he saw himself the way I see him

    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding?
    I love the whole process really. FI says I may have found my new calling for event planning :P

    Hobbies:  Singing (I even tried out for American Idol when I was 28), taking pictures, blogging

    Pets (bonus points for PIP):
    None yet =( I've been wanting a puppy and I'd finally worn FI down enough to get one---and then our apartment became a no-pet zone. Now we must wait. 

    Things you like:  Ocean waves, cupcakes, bubble baths, cooking, scrapbooking, cuddling, picnics 

    Things you don't like:  Cheese, golf, bugs, folding laundry, bad thunderstorms

    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?
     Dogs. Never really been a cat fan.

    Tell us something random:
    I don't like feet. I group Skittles & M&Ms by color and then eat them. I can't sleep in socks, if I do I get too hot! I hate snow.
  • Age: 30
    How did you meet your FI? Online, on Plenty of Fish
    When is/was your wedding (date)? We were married on 3/10/12
    What do you love about your FI? I love that he loves me for me. That he makes me laugh when all I want to do is cry, and that he is up for any adventure we come across.
    What do you wish was different about your FI? I wish he could just sit still once in a while, he always feels the need to be doing something around the house.
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding? I think my favorite part was picking dresses and colors.
    Hobbies: Lately it has been putting together wedding scrapbooks for our parents and us and getting pictures up in the house.
    Pets (bonus points for PIP): We have a cat. Her name is Skeeter, we adopted her from the local shelter last year.
    Things you like: Reading, hiking, rafting, movies and music
    Things you don't like: My job, it sucks and my boss like to belittle us and talk down to us.
    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why? Cats! I like them for ever reason I can't stand dog. They aren't always licking you, or barking, and just in your face. I love that my cat still chases her tail and just can't seem to get it.
    Tell us something random: I don't really like odd numbers. I don't know why but I just don't care for them.

    This is our Skeeter!!

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  • Age:   22
    How did you meet your FI?  After my uncle died I moved in with a friend of mine we got an apartment together. Our birthdays being a day apart we had our party together about a month after we moved in her boyfriend at the time came over and ended up brining his brother mostly just to annoy my roommate. I had heard a lot about his brother and always heard how much we would get along. As soon as he walked in I was in love! We ended up sitting outside all night talking!
    When is/was your wedding (date)? Mat 19, 2012
    What do you love about your FI? He's amazing not only does he love me and do everything in his power to take care of me. But he took a year off school and took care of his mom after she was in a wreck and got really sick.
    What do you wish was different about your FI?  That he wasn't such a procrastinater sometimes
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding? Picking out my dress and working on my cake!
    Hobbies: Love the outdoors, decorating my house, scrapbooking, music
    Pets (bonus points for PIP): None :( we used to have a dog but she got sick and we had to put her down
    Things you like: pedicures, massages, pizza, music, babies
    Things you don't like: liars, my job, vegetables, stupid people
    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why? Dogs! I am allergic to cats
    Tell us something random: Even though I seem outgoing I am super shy!
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    [QUOTE]This is our Skeeter!!
    Posted by jbrook12[/QUOTE]
    I love orange cats! He's adorable.
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  • Age:21
    How did you meet your FI? Mutual friend through college
    When is/was your wedding (date)? 10 27 12
    What do you love about your FI? He works harder than any man i know sometimes 2 jobs 
    What do you wish was different about your FI? he loved who he was as much as i did
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding? the end of it!!
    Hobbies: softball
    Pets (bonus points for PIP): One German shorthaired pointer named Oscar
    Things you like: everything about country life except the flys
    Things you don't like: bitchy people who bring everone around them down 
    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why? Dogs, they are very loyal and they also dont make my alergies bad
    Tell us something random: i eat mustard with french fries
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Get to Know You... : I love orange cats! He's adorable.
    Posted by justdance93[/QUOTE]

    Orange cats are my favorite. I had told DH that I wanted an orange tabby cat one day and while I was at work he went and got her for me! She was supposed to be an outside cat but that didn't happen. She is spoiled rotten!
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  • Age: 39
    How did you meet your FI?
    FI went to law school w/ my exboyfriend 10 years ago and he introduced us.
    When is/was your wedding (date)?
    June 16,2012
    What do you love about your FI?
    He appreciates me, sings to me, calls me sweetie and never gets tired of telling people how great I am ;)
    What do you wish was different about your FI?
    His pickiness when it comes to food.
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding?
    My dress
    Pets (bonus points for PIP):
    Olivia 3 yr old English Bulldog & Jack 1 yr old Goldendoodle
    Things you like:
    The color orange, clothes, exotic food, fb, blogs and walks w/ the puppies.
    Things you don't like:
    people who don't use turning signals, brussel sprouts
    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?
    I was a cat person until I met FI and got Jack who is my baby. Now I'm a crazy dog person.
    Tell us something random:
    My toenails are ALWAYS polished.

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  • Age: 34
    How did you meet your FI? OK Cupid.  Best part is after the first date I told everyone that he wasn't my type and there wouldn't be a second date.  But some how he got a 2nd date, 3rd and so on.  I have no idea what I was thinking he is amazing.

    When is/was your wedding (date)? 8/18/12

    What do you love about your FI? Everything!  He loves me for me.  He is laid back a hard worker.  Really sweet.

    What do you wish was different about your FI? Not much. Maybe that he wasn't such a good cook.  I have gained 15 lbs since we started dating.
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding?

    Hobbies:Camping, taking photos

    Pets (bonus points for PIP): 2 Dogs Zoe and Daisy

    Things you like: Sunshine

    Things you don't like: Rude people

    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why? I love both but I'll go dogs just because there's no cat litter

    Tell us something random: Only had a 5 month engagement.  Somehow I am getting everything done and am not going crazy. :)

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  • Hi! I'm a lurker and very occasional poster, thought I'd say hi!

    Age: 25

    How did you meet your FI? We were both greek in college. I was nominated for his fraternity's woman of the year and he won my sorority's man of the year so that goes to show how close we were with each other's chapters, even before dating!

    When is/was your wedding (date)? 3/23/13

    What do you love about your FI? Pretty much everything! I think the thing I love the most is how comfortable and natural our relationship is. It's not perfect of course, but everything just seems "right" if that makes sense :-)

    What do you wish was different about your FI? Hmm.. I know he wishes this too. I wish he had a closer job so he wasn't driving so far every day and that he made a little more money so we didn't have to stress so much about bills. I also sometimes wish he was a little cleaner! Haha

    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding? Planning a day where we can have a great time with the people we love! I love weddings and I'm hoping I can make it awesome for everyone!

    Hobbies: Video games, photography for both of us. I occasionally crochet or sew, and he occasionally does some woodworking with his dad.

    Pets (bonus points for PIP): We have 2 cats, Asher and Midnight. Pic is in my siggy for a few more days. I'll let you guess which is which, haha. They are both about a year and a half old. We got them the day after Christmas 2010. They are not brothers, but they sure act like it!

    Things you like: Food, being with friends, wine, camping, learning and seeing new things.

    Things you don't like: Bad drivers, heights, spiders, allergies.

    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why? I love both but I love my kitties (most of the time, lol). The thing I like about cats is that they are usually pretty self sufficient. I feed them, give them water, and clean their litter box. The rest they can do on their own! Though my kitties are pretty needy and constantly want attention :-)

    Tell us something random: Asher was just staring at something random out the window and he finally just saw the bird I was trying to get him to look at. Now he is intently staring at it. Yup, random, lol.
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  • Age: 22
    How did you meet your FI? We went to high school together...I even sat behind him in math class butttt we didn't date until we were older.
    When is/was your wedding (date)? September 22nd, 2012
    What do you love about your FI? He's my best friend. He knows me better than I know myself.
    What do you wish was different about your FI? Not a thing. :P
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding? Something to look forward to? lol It's really been a blast to plan and it's been a bonding experience for my mom, sister and I.
    Hobbies: I love to sing, loveee karaoke, go geocaching, shopping is my guilty pleasure and basically anything with my fiance.
    Pets (bonus points for PIP): My dog, Roxy just passed away on the 11th of this month..she just turned 3..turned out she ate mushrooms in the back yard when she went out to potty. I was totally heartbroken. We have fiance's dog, Tucker, a GSD/Terrier mix that was a rescue, he was found in a dumpster..and I'm currently waiting for my new puppy..who will be ready to come home on June 8th...chihuahua/lhasa apso mix.
    Things you like: Oh gosh, I can't think of anything.. I love music, dogs..and family..
    Things you don't like: I'm petrified of birds, clowns, feet and kangaroos..so I'll say I don't like them..lmao..
    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why? Dogs...but I like cats too. I just perfer the dependency of a dog. I have PCOS and am currently infertile..so I guess I like that a dog needs you more than a cat does.. Cats are super independent.
    Tell us something random: Teal is my favorite color, and also my main wedding color. I have a caffiene addiction, My phone is usually always in my hand, and I love pineapple. :P
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  • bar10521bar10521 member
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    Age: 25
    How did you meet your FI?: We met at a mutual friend's birthday party. I thought he was cute and told my friend. She then played matchmaker and we went on our first date a few weeks after the party.
    When is/was your wedding (date)?: June 8, 2013
    What do you love about your FI?: He is the perfect guy for me. I recently found an old list of qualities I wanted in a guy from like junior high and he fit almost every one of them. I think I wanted him a little taller and his eye color was off, but I think I can deal with that.
    What do you wish was different about your FI?: Sometimes I wish he'd be a little more romantic. But when I bring it up he's good for a few weeks then slips back into his usual routine.
    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding?: Everything! lol I'm a hardcore planner, I LOVE planning parties, vacations basically anything so this is great!
    Hobbies: I like to read and bake. I'm going for my Master's right now so I don't have a lot of free time.
    Pets (bonus points for PIP): 1 dog - Paige. She's a shelter mutt. We were told possibly greyhound and american bull dog mix. She's my siggy!
    Things you like: Roadtrips, visiting new places, traveling, my FI of course, and our random "adventures". Which just means trying something new or different we wouldn't normally do, but nothing too extreme because I'm a wimp.
    Things you don't like: Student loans, spiders, horror movies, school and seafood.
    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?: Dogs, they're more social and I'm not as allergic to them as I am cats.
    Tell us something random: I'm going to try and sneak something Disney into our wedding.But it can't be too much of FI won't go for it. I love Disney and we got engaged in front of Cinderella's castle!
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  • Age:  24... almost 25!

    How did you meet your FI?  We went to high school together but never hung out (although I did see his band perform once - that counts, kinda).  We reconnected a year ago and got to know each other through geocaching (really fun outdoor hobby - look it up!).  Our personalities clicked and early on, it was obvious we were meant to be :)

    When is/was your wedding (date)?  May 4, 2013.... our little tribute to his love of Star Wars!  May the Fourth be with us!

    What do you love about your FI?  Everything!  Tongue Out  But seriously, I love how sincere and genuine he is... I have never met someone with a bigger heart and who values honesty like him.  He is also an extremely hard worker, which is a quality that I greatly admire.  I also love how adventerous he is!  He could spend a month camping and fishing in the mountains and have the time of his life, but I'm not quite near that level yet lol.... but we balance each other perfectly and we always have a blast together!

    What do you wish was different about your FI?  Sometimes I wish he was just a bit more outgoing around strangers.  He's a reserved person and can be really shy around people he doesn't know.  Wow - never thought I'd be the outgoing one in a relationship!

    What's your favorite part of planning a wedding?  Currently it's thinking of our vows!  I know I still have a year left but I already know what I want to say.  And of course dress shopping.  Duh.

    Hobbies:  Geocaching, photography, reading, hiking, watching reruns of House, failing miserably at craft projects I've found on Pinterest, and getting lost on a back road.

    Pets (bonus points for PIP):  The FI and I don't have any together..... but back at my parent's house, they're taking care of my two cats - Sookie and Daisy.  Daisy's an old biotch but I love her, while Sookie (named for Sookie of Gilmore Girls - way before True Blood!) can't meow and just stares at you in the "book kitty" position.  She also looks like an alien with her small head and big eyes.  And she's enormous.

    Things you like: Earl Grey, anything colorful, tattoos, sitting on the porch drinking coffee, listening to the rain, MY CURVES!, flipflops, and the thought of getting married by ourselves on top of the highest mountain in WV.

    Things you don't like:  Spiders, being late, humidity, loud upstairs neighbors, and my job (which is why I'm suddenly becoming BFFs with the boards on TheKnot!)

    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?  I'm a cat person; FI is a dog person.  Aside from a golden retriever my family had when I was little, I've always been around cats instead of dogs.  And those that I have been around either hump my leg or knock me over trying to lick me... so I tend to be on the lazy kitty side of things.  That'll change soon though, as FI and I are hoping to get a lab in the future!

    Tell us something random:  My nails are purple.
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