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June 2012 Weddings

One month out!!

Holy cow girls! My wedding is just a month away now. I am so excited. The time is flying by. Do you guys hava all your little odds and ends done? I just finished my table numbers last night. Not much left now...
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Re: One month out!!

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    Eek! Hard to believe there's only a month left. Sometimes I wish we had picked a date sooner in June, but then I remember all of the details I still have to get done, and I'm thankful for another month.

    I still have left to do:
    -Seating arrangements
    -Harp about RSVPs next week (deadline on Friday)
    -Find shoes for our flower girl (our daughter)
    -Make up trial is June 2nd
    -Baked goods as a thank you to the hosts for my shower this Saturday
    -Practice DIYing our flowers
    -Drop my engagement ring off to have my wedding ring made
    -That's it? Probably not.. but all I can think of right now!

    These next few weeks are going to fly by!!
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  • Oohh rasp.. we are date twins. I need to drop my e-ring off to have it dipped. The jewler said it should take two weeks so I'm going to take it in to them early next week.
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  • In Response to Re: One month out!!:
    [QUOTE]Oohh rasp.. we are date twins. I need to drop my e-ring off to have it dipped. The jewler said it should take two weeks so I'm going to take it in to them early next week.
    Posted by lobster93[/QUOTE]

    My mom just came to pick mine up to bring to the jeweller :(

    I feel so naked!! I haven't gone without a ring on that finger for 5.5 years. Before my engagement ring, I wore a promise ring that Daniel gave me but we're melting that down to incorporate into my wedding ring, so I don't even have a back up.

    Such a stupid thing to be sad about, but I miss it already! It also sucks I won't have it for my shower this weekend, but it's my own fault for not doing it sooner. I just put it off knowing I would have to hand over my engagement ring and I didn't want to...  :(  Oh well, it'll be worth it when I see the two rings together!!
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  • Im sure I'll feel the same way. How long is it going to take?? Or are you going to have nothing to put back on till you get married??
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  • Woohoo! Can't wait, still SO much to get finished! I feel behind, but I know everything will get done :)
    image 220 Are ready to party!
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  • In Response to Re: One month out!!:
    [QUOTE]Im sure I'll feel the same way. How long is it going to take?? Or are you going to have nothing to put back on till you get married??
    Posted by lobster93[/QUOTE]

    He said it would probably take about 2 weeks so I'll have it back before the wedding, but I wanted to get it there sooner rather than later just in case something delays it. With my luck, it'll get lost or take 4 weeks or something. I always seem to have problems with anything that needs to be done by a specific day or time. Here's hoping!
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  • When we're all getting down to the wire like this, I'm all of a sudden really thankful to have that extra week!!
  • Yeah at breakfast this morning I realized it was a month to go.  And agreed Kelsey.  I was like "omg this month mark feels so much closer than even this time a week ago"
  • Finally... I am almost done, just welcome bags a few odds ends to do. Nothing major left. We are meeting florist later, which will be a big check. Just confirming everything. I can't wait! !!!
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  • holy crap, i know!! it's so weird to me, being that we've  been engaged for almost a year and a half, and the wedding has always seemed so far off! it still does, actually! lol! I just can't wrap my brain around the fact that i'm getting married in one month! i feel like i still have loads to do, but i'm not really sure. i still don't have any linens and that kind of freaks me out. . . i also don't have any of the food for the cocktail hour yet, which i'm mostly DIYing. . . today i'm going down to the reception venue to check out the set up again and decide where i want things to go and how i want them to look. should be fun!
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  • I'm so glad there's just a month left! FI and I are beyond ready to be  done with all the money spending and stress.
    We're doing pretty well as far as things left to do. This weekend I'm going to DIY a hair trial and next weekend I have my final dress fitting. I need to start designing my menus, programs, and escort cards but that shouldn't take long. We're still waiting on our final guest count to do the seating chart.

    I'll be dropping my engagement ring off at Zales next week to get it dipped, cleaned, and polished.
  • Holy crap... can't believe we only have one month left. So much to do! Don't even want to make a list but it will get done! So happy I have a fitting today and it's totatlly getting me through my day.
  • I'm finally not freaking out, I got enough stuff done that it's not overwhelming me (yet). Ask again in three weeks lol.

    All I have left:

    - Marriage license [June 4th]
    - Take rings in [June 15th. They said it'd only tax maximum two days, they do it in house]
    - Pick up tuxes/fitting w/ all groomsman [June 19th]
    - DIY centerpiece - finish up, putting rocks in mason jars w/ candles, the vases and tying twine around the mouth of the jars [June 2nd & 3rd, MAYBE the 9th and 10th instead]
    - Finalize song list w/ DJ [today]
    - Pick up food from costco, bbqing. [June 10th]
    - Get dress steamed/pressed [June 18th]

    I can't think of anything else but I know there is something.
  • Yes, one month for me also! Whoohoo!! Come on June 23rd! Tomorrow I am faxing over the rooming list to my venue tomorrow along with the paperwork  for the day's events. I managed to get all 22 rooms at the venue reserved for our wedding weekend. Thank goodness because I would have been accountable for any empty rooms.

    I admit I am feeling more stressed now about wedding costs. I will try to calculate everything tomorrow and see how I can stretch my dollars.

    I am going to apply for my marriage license on Friday.
    I need to clean and organize my closet and make sure all the wedding stuff I purchase it is a good findable spot.
    I will also go talk my florist on Friday.
    I will try to submit a headcount in 2 weeks.
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