H/MU question for those who've done it

  Our original thought was to have our Ceremony at 4pm, cocktail hours 430/5pm, dinner at 6, reception over at 10 (we have the Venue until 11 - but we have to get all of our things and people out by then so we've giving ourselves that grace period.)

We're considering moving the Ceremony down to 3pm to give a little more time for dancing and reception fun.  The question though is will that give me/the girls enough time to get ready.  We get the venue at 11am.  We could of course get H/MU done prior to arriving at the venue but my concern is my hair won't stick (I've got baby fine hair.)

So, after that long ponderous explanation - the question!  How long did it take you/your party to get H/MU done and how many were there in your party?  Did you do it at the venue or before? 


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    I had a 2 pm ceremony, and we had access to the venue at 9:00 am.  I also had 5 BM/MOHs and my MIL getting hair and makeup done in addition to my own... so seven people total. 

    It was an early day, I was only able to book one person who did all that hair and makeup, due to my budget constraints.  If you are able to have more than one person with H/MU it will cut down on time.  We started at 6:00 am, and arrived at the venue around 11:30 am for first look photos.  I wake up at 5:30 M-F, so it wasn't hard for me, but my SIL and a BM are NOT morning people... but they love me so they complied :)  We had H/MU applied at the hotel we were staying at (about 10 min from the venue).  My H/MU stayed well for the First Look photos, ceremony, and reception.

    When you book a H/MU person, make sure you do a H/MU Trial first.  You need to make sure your hair will last!  And on the big day, make sure to wear a top that either buttons up or zips up, you don't want to be pulling anything over your head before you get in your dress, it might mess up your H or MU!
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