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I'm full of AW today.  So who am I supposed to tip for the wedding and how much/what percentage?

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Re: Tipping

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  • Ours may have been atypical, because our venue pretty much did everything for us, and for the few things not handled by the venue, we used friends/family.  Also, our venue charged a 20% or so "service charge" which included gratuities.

    DJ - work friend, absolutely refused to accept more than $150 so that's what we gave him, and we sprang for a sit-down meal for him.
    Venue coordinator - My parents gave her a $50 certificate to a nail salon, and I gave her a $100 gift card to a group of restaurants
    Officiant - family friend, free - gave $75 restaurant gift card as a tip.
    Hair - SIL, who insisted on doing it for free - gave her $100 gift card
    Make-up - I paid for myself and my 5 bridesmaids.  The total cost for all all of us was $175; I gave her $225.
    Florist - no tip
    Cake - friend baked it for us, no tip
    Photographer - no tip

    Sorry if this isn't much help.  I have no idea if we followed etiquette rules either. 
  • That's a good question.  Our bartender has a 15% tip built into the tab, the caterer has a 15% service charge built into her fee for servers, too. That seems a little low to me, because we generally tip 20% or so when we go out to eat, but maybe that's typical for this kind of service?  I don't know if we should add some cash to that at the end of the night. 

    We plan to tip the band $200, esp. since they're giving us a break on their regular fee.  The officiant is a friend who is getting ordained just to marry us and won't take payment - we're looking for a good gift for him in the $75 range.   I think a friend wants to do my makeup, and I may or may not, depending on bdget, get my hair done.  If I do, I'll tip her her usual 20%.  I don't think my makeup-loving friend would want anything, but I'm thinking about giving her a $25 or so gift card. 

    It is confusing!
  • We didn't tip anyone at our reception venue as it was included in the cost of our package (I double-checked on this with the sales manager). I did give an additional tip to the banquet coordinator though because he was fabulous. We tipped the limo drivers, all three photographers (one owns the business but she traveled more than an hour to get to our wedding so we tipped her for her travel time), and the DJs. The pianist, reverend, florist, and cake baker all either own their own business or had their own fees, so we did not tip them.

    We tipped 15-20%, same as at a restaurant or hair salon.
  • Our caterer/reception venue had 20% built in so that was taken care of.

    DJ is self employed.  

    Did $150 gift to pastor.

    Hair is being done by a family friend who refuses to let us pay her so I don't know if I'll get a tip/thank you in there or not.  

    That's about it for us.
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