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Engagement Party and Registering

Hi, new to the knot and got engaged in July.

my future mother in law is throwing us an engagement party. since my fiance's brother got engaged last year, the FMIL is basically just having us follow in their footsteps (party is at the same place that theirs was). This is totally fine, i am grateful to be having a party, but the thing that bothers me is that fiance's brother registered before the engagement party and they received gifts, and now fiance wants us to register too. I find this rude as our wedding is a little over a year from the date of the party, and I think it is too early to register. Thoughts? Another thing that I was wondering about is that fiance's brother didn't really invite any friends to their party, so I guess it is assumed that we wont either. I know this party is being thrown for me so I guess I shouldnt really have an opinion, but I was kind of hoping to celebrate with a few close friends as well. The friends will be at the wedding, so it would be nice if both families could meet them.

thanks in advance for the advice

Re: Engagement Party and Registering

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    I personally think registereing for an engagement party is uncessesary. But I also think engagement parties are unncessesary, but that's just because because they aren't common at all in my group/family.

    Also, if your FMIL's guest list doesn't include your friends, just invite them over to your house on another night to hang out? Nothing wedding related as you shouldn't host your own 'wedding related' party, just have eveyrone over for a bbq?
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    I don't think there's any need to register just yet or to invite your friends to the engagement party.  This is a family event for your future in-laws to meet.  YOur friends will have plenty of time to meet your family later.

    Congratulations.  :)
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