Reviews for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in Mystic/Groton?

We're staying at the Mystic Marriott in Groton the night before our wedding, and I was thinking it might save time to have my hair done at the salon there.  And maybe my make-up.

Anyone get their wedding hair or make-up done here?  Any suggestions on stylists to request?

NOT looking for a list of who you had do your hair/make-up, just looking to see if anyone had experience with this particular salon.  We do not have a bridal party, so I don't want to pay someone to come to us as it will just be me and my Mom.

Thank you!



Re: Reviews for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in Mystic/Groton?

  • calindi- I'm staying there the night before as well!  Did you book your room already?  I need to do that.

  • No, I'm dragging my heels!  I'm trying to wrap up the booking this week so I can just relax for the next 7 months... wishful thinking?  Haha!



  • I haven't been there before, but I've heard they are very, very expensive because you're basically paying for the "Elizabeth Arden Red Door" name, when the stylists aren't necessarily any more talented than stylists at any other salon.

  • I can't attest to hair/make up, but I can tell you that their spa is beautiful and I've always had great luck there. Sorry I can't be of more help- the Mystic Marriott is BEAUTIFUL :)
  • I use to work at the hotel and I had a few friends at the spa. It's an amazing spa but they always have a large turn around of staff. So it maybe hard to figure out which makeup or hair stylist to go with, but they always hire the best people!
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