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French girl needs help !

Hi everybody,
First, sorry for my english ! My name is Lea, I'm French and 27 years old, and actually I try this forum because I'm de bridesmaid of my best friend who is going to get married in NYC in the spring. She's french but she loves NY so much  cause a part of her family live there that she decided to
I don't know if you do the same in the States but in France,  bridesmaids organize about 2 months before the wedding a week-end with very close bride's girlfriends to celebrate the end of her "single" life.
Generally it's the occasion to have a big party, go to a good restuarant, go dancing, and sometimes to have fun fun with boys (give a kiss, take pictures with them, very soft things ;-). Sometimes we also disguise the bride.
I would like to organize a party like in the US : can you explain to me how it happens in the US ?
Thank you SO MUCH for your help !
A bientôt

Re: French girl needs help !

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    There are lots of different ways we do it here. Some do it as you described, often having a "scavenger hunt" of things the bride has to collect or do. Some people go on a trip and just go out drinking and to restaurants. Some just go to a local bar or restaurant. My party had 3 parts. First, we went to a spa for a few hours, followed that with dinner at a fun and rowdy restaurant, and then to my favorite bar for drinks (and loud singing b/c it is a dueling piano bar). You want to make sure to plan a party that you know the bride will enjoy and be comfortable with and that you (and anyone else who is paying) can afford. 
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  • Something like what you have described is fairly popular, but you know what your friend would enjoy. Since I prefer things a little more low-key, my bridesmaids just took me out to dinner then they stayed at my house. We drank a bit, played games and watched some movies. Simple and cheap, but we had a blast.
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  • Thank you both for your answers !
    I just read again my first post and my english is a shame... But you understood me so it's so most important Wink Actually French and American girls do pretty the same before a wedding, that is cool for me !
    What's thoses pictures in your posts ? They are beautiful. Are they yours ? Is that a kind of signature ?
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