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HELP! do these shoes match this bridesmaid dress??!!

I'm freaking out - I have literally searched for 5 hours and can't find anything I like for my bridesmaids shoes.  This is their dress:

I found these shoes - I'm waiting to hear back from my bridesmaids to see if they like them/are okay with the price

I was originally thinking to order a peep toe, ankle strap shoe like the ones in the first picture, except in gray just like the dress... I found some at david's bridal that are almost exactly the same and I was going to have them dyed but I read a lot about how if you get them wet, the color bleeds so I don't know if it's the best idea.   I'm just the worst with trying to match things, I feel like silver will be too metallic for the dress and there aren't that many choices in that dark gray.
Anyway, my colors are yellow and gray and they're going to be holding yellow rose bouquets. not sure if that will affect any opinions - but any input is greatly appreciated!!! thank you!!!!

Re: HELP! do these shoes match this bridesmaid dress??!!

  • JanieLytle1JanieLytle1 member
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    That will be very pretty together!  they will pop against the grey! :-)
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    Is it an outdoor wedding? If not, then they probably won't get wet. Personally, I would go with grey shoes, not yellow or silver.

    I think you can spray dyed shoes with water repellant spray to help protect them.
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  • jessb404jessb404 member
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    LOVE THOSE SHOES!!  I think the yellow is such a great accent to the grey.  My girls are wearing green dresses with pink shoes, so we have very unique style :)
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    Yep! Sure does! Very pretty colors together!
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  • stefka26stefka26 member
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    Love those yellow shoes with the grey!  They'll totally pop and look fantastic in photos!
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