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Getting married on a cruise

What are some things I need to take into consideration when possibly getting married on a cruise?  I am thinkiing of inexpensive ways and I think it would be great to do it on a cruise!

Re: Getting married on a cruise

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    Do you want to get married on the actual ship?  I would start by calling cruise lines and seeing if they can do this and what the cost is.  I know someone who got married at the port.  They took the 3 day cruise from LA to Ensanada, Mexico and got married/had a lunch reception the day they were docked at a local restuarant or some sort of venue.
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    StashaBonita! Hey girl!!!
    A cruise sounds like it would be so much fun! Good thinking :D

    How are you?
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    I know that sometimes the US does not recognize the marriage under some circumstances.  I'm not sure what they are, but I have heard it's a little complicated.  I think it sounds like a great way to have fun with your guests.  Be sure to choose one that most of your guests can afford, and give them plenty of time to save up for the flight, cruise, and spending money.  We were knee deep in planning Hawaii nuptials when our family informed us that they couldn't afford to join us.  Luckily, we hadn't signed any contracts.
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    Depending on what you want - you can do a wedding on the ship before the cruise leaves.  This way - I think the cruise line will even let people not on the cruise that you want to attend on board for the ceremony. 

    Of course if everyone you want there wants to be on the cruise with you - I would imagine you could schedule it whenever during the cruise.

    I believe you can schedule for a day you are in port on an island - but this may be a bit risky as sometimes cruise lines change the ports due to storms etc.

    Let us know what you find out!
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    I am getting married on a cruise next month. You should check out the DW page there are lots of girls also cruising for their weddings.. 

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