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Food and Cakes

Dessert Reception

What does everyone think of having a dessert only reception and do you have any recommendations on what to have or not have?  We're thinking of having our ceremony around 7:30 pm followed by our reception.  We do plan on having beer/wine/champagne and a DJ with dancing.  Thoughts?

Re: Dessert Reception

  • sounds like fun! you could have a candy bar... or do like cake cupcakes pies cookies brownies just have like a bunch of different things!
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  • Dotto sleeper.  You need to move it to 8 pm and offer savory items also.
  • ellie63ellie63 member
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    Agree, you might want to move it to 8:00 so people realize dinner will not be served. We're also doing a dessert reception but making sure we have nuts, fruit and a cheese tray for diabetics and those watching their diet.
  • Not gonna lie, I've been to one dessert only reception and due to lack of food I got super-drunk.  So I agree with PP's to have some kind of substantial food and maybe keep an eye on the bar...
  • What Super said.
    8 is the absolute earliest for a desserts-only reception, and even then you need something savory, even if it's just cheese and crackers.
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