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I was perusing through your bio just now and ...

1) We have the same BM dresses! The bill levkoff 430! I ordered them from rk bridal and saved a shyt ton - they were $205 and I got them SHIPPED for $125. I called pearls place, and then rk bridal beat their price by 5% :) Thought I'd pass on the super savings.

2) I saw your yarn CP idea... my cousin runs an etsy shop - knitting - she she uses these delicious hand-spun yarns that she buys off other etsy sellers. They sound like the perfect style yard for what you are looking for. If there is a yarn style you like I will ask her what etsy seller she bought it off so you can order it if you wanted to.

(ps I made her super fun angelbeez logo) hehehe
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Re: {Taylor}

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    Wow - huge savings on those dresses! Thanks so much for that. All my BMs are deadbeats and super broke. <3 And I love that dress. I want one haha. 

    Andddd how cute are those baby hats? haha distracted. so cute! I'll look through it and see what I like. There's this yarn store in Stuart (I didn't even know such a thing existed) and my sister and I were looking at these fancy yarns and they were expensive, so we may be rethinking haha. We'll see, but I'll look through her stuff and let you know which yarns I like!! 

    (And I love the logo! it's super cute. nice job!!!!!)
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    even at $125 I felt horrific asking them to spend that on a dress for my wedding. :(

    I hope that it's cool enough that they can get some post-wedding use out of it. I think if it's shortened it can be a great cocktail dress too.

    I think the etsy sellers are more affordable than the yarn stores which is why she uses them. I will find out for you though. I have seen them in person and they are really amazing. I wonder if that is something you might be able to find wholesale or overstock on ebay or something?
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    ps I meant they were originally 205 + shipping but I got them on to give me the dress for $125 shipped. I realized it sounded like 205 + 125 which would be inane.
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    lol - I knew what you meant. 

    and i feel like no one should feel bad about asking BMs to pay for their dresses. I feel like when they say yes, they should realize that's what they're paying for. you know? $125 is really good. i wouldn't stress about that lol

    thank you so much! :)
  • zobo410zobo410 member
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    Butting in... those hats are too adorable. The dylan earflap one makes me want to pop a baby out ASAP and force them to wear it before they realize what I did.
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    OMG ahahaha that's the same one I was like "JEFF LOOK AT THIS! LETS HAVE BABIES!" lol
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