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How to back out of bridal party GRACEFULLY


I'm supposed to be the MOH in a friends out of town (very very far) wedding this summer, and my daughter is also supposed to be the flower girl.  I don't think I'm going to financially be able to pull it together.  How can I "back out" as gracefully as possible?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I've had "life events" and unexpected expenses coming up out the ying yang.

And if it makes any difference, she is not my best friend and I have felt she did only ask me out of convenience for her.

Re: How to back out of bridal party GRACEFULLY

  • i have always disliked the idea of these destination weddings and all of my friends know this(sorry to burst anyones bubble but it too much to ask of loved ones). that said i was asked by 3 friends this year to be bridesmaids in their destination weddings i could not do all three and fortunately one has decided to stay local and the other put hers off as she is having a baby so fewwww i am left with just one i also got engaged about a month after my friend and also asked her to be in my wedding but now as my financial situation has changed due to my wedding, relocating and having to find a new job i feel like i have no choice but to back out. we were planning to piggyback her wedding as our honeymoon as it is 2 weeks after ours but now we don't know if we will have the money the deposit is due in a month and i don't know what to do. i understand that she will probably back out of my wedding as a result and that sucks but i know she will have sour grapes...i just don't know how to bring it up as i have been avoiding the topic trying to figure some sort of miracle to pull this off and not ruin our friendship
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