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How much is too much...

...for bridesmaids dresses? I'm having my bm dresses made (there are only 2 girls) and I haven't actually got an estimate yet, but I was just curious to see how much your bm dresses cost? If the cost is too much to have them made I found a style online that I can order but they are around $180 (w/ shipping) each. Is that too much? I really don't want my girls spending that much. 



Re: How much is too much...

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    I think what is "too much" is subjective, but if you are feeling like it's too much, then I'd say it's probably too much.  However, you know your bridesmaids and their financial situation better than we do.  If you're not sure how they might react to the cost, just think about if roles were reversed and you were asked to pay the same amount for a dress that you will very likely never wear again.  If you'd wince at it a little, your BMs probably will too.

    I am letting my girls choose whatever dress they want, so I'm no help there, but for weddings I have been a BM in in the past, I have paid anywhere from $120-200 for a BM dress (w/o alterations).  and even the simplest dress has never been worn again.  But I happily paid the money because it was important to the bride.
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    IMO that is too much.  But, I really think you should be having this conversation with your 2 bridesmaids. with just 2, it should be easy to get a vote. If it's that important to you and they feel it's too much to spend, perhaps you would consider paying for all or some of it. If not, consider choosing something different, especially if you truly don't want them spending that much (as stated in your post). GL and let me know if you want help bargain shopping!

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    My BM dresses cost anywhere from $99 - $155

    135-155 isn't abnormal.  But def check with your girls and see what their budget looks like.  I paid for half of my girls' dresses (and all of one of them because she just didn't have the money and I reallllly wanted her to be in my wedding).
  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    Where did you find the dresses? Can you call them to see if you can work a discount. HAve you tried seeing if a local shop can get the dresses for you? I would go that route first. If you have your heart set on it, go for it. I know I let my bridesmaids pick their own dresses and they were 150 each. I was shocked, but they all didnt mind too much. good luck!!!
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    kelklump - the dress that I love is an Alfred Angelo dress (style 7017) that I found on several different websites. I called one and they said that if I find it cheaper anywhere else, they'd match the price, but it would still be close to $170-ish with them. I haven't looked into seeing if a local shop could get them for less since I'm waiting to find out the cost of the custom made dresses. 

    I was just curious, since it's been a while since I've been in a wedding, how much the average cost of bm dresses were now.

    Thanks so much girls!
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    I found BM dresses on Target's website. The one I picked was on clearance for $14. I couldn't believe it. I got them and they are great quality. I'm just waiting to see if my BMs approve! There are great deals out there if you don't just search for "bridesmaid dresses" specifically.
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  • tarynnicholetarynnichole member
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    Have you tried Pearl's Place to see if they can get the dresses cheaper? My girls got their dresses for $85 and I was quoted $160 from 3 different bridal shops. Shipping is free, and they come quickly - mine were in 3 months early.
  • afloggieafloggie member
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    I think 180 is a lot but my FSIL is paying 250 for a dress for another wedding she is in, so my dress being 89 is a steal for her. 
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    My BM dresses were about $145.  I negotiated a price with Bridal and Formal since I was needing 11 of the same dress.  They are Bill Levkoff dresses. 

    I have been a BM 3 other times and my dress was $180, $165, and $150. 
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    My BMs dresses were $180 but I was worried that would be a little on the high side. I know I've said it before and didn't mean it... but they all say they will wear it again. Anywhoo. If you plan to get the dresses made I would demand an estimate, because without one you don't have much to go off of. 

    With only two girls you may not be able to work out much of a deal, but there are a lot of designers out there that make dresses similar to higher end designs but are much cheaper. Let us know how it all works out!
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    Not sure how everyone else has gotten so lucky, but I have never paid UNDER $250 for a BM dress before alterations, and have paid as much as $375.  I would kiss the ground you walk on to get out for $180.  Mine are $225 before shipping and alterations.
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    [QUOTE]Not sure how everyone else has gotten so lucky, but I have never paid UNDER $250 for a BM dress before alterations, and have paid as much as $375.  I would kiss the ground you walk on to get out for $180.  Mine are $225 before shipping and alterations.
    Posted by hughe046[/QUOTE]

    Yeah...alterations can be pricey...so think of that expense, too.
  • mollyfayemollyfaye member
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    I had my BM dresses custom made by a dress maker in Montgomery. They are all different (5 of them, same length, different necklines) and were $150 each and obviously need no alteration since they were made specifically for them and no shipping. I paid for the fabric, lining, thread, zippers, etc so they paid $150 flat, which I think is a great price for what they got. I'd look into having them made first, and if not then you can go another route, but either way I don't think $180 is unreasonable, just watch out for the additional charges after the fact (shipping, alterations).
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