Shoes and slips and tailoring?

Hi gals,

I am living in Portland and am looking for shoes and a slip to wear with my dress.  My dress is technically a bridesmaids dress from David's and they were all out of small sized slips.  (I am a size 2-4, and their smallest were 8's!)  The dress looked much better with a puffy slip (crinoline?) but I dont know where to get one!

Also looking for shoes.  Something very comfy for dancing!

And where to get my dress altered.  Any recs on where to go or where not to go?


Re: Shoes and slips and tailoring?

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    I'd check Eco Elegance on Middle Street for a slip and/or shoes. It's a wedding/formalwear consignment shop.

    I got my dress altered at David's and had a good experience.
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    There is also Andrea's Bridal in Portland.  It is on Congress Street, the number is 772-5313.  I did not get my dress there, but went shopping with a friend. 
    I have not had a good experience with David's Bridal, so I will be looking elsewhere for my alterations.  The lady at Andrea's Bridal gave me the name of their former seamstress who now has her own shop.  Her name is Sarah, and she is located in the TIme and Temp. building in Portland.  The number is 879-7397.  I haven't used her yet, but am planning on using her.  HTH!
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    I also went to Andrea's on Congress St for my shoes, I got a pair of Coloriffics that were very comfy.  And Sarah M did my alterations, she is fatastic!
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    I confess - I have since bought shoes at Payless.  But after visiting several other stores, they are both comfy and cute!  Cheap is a bonus.

    I went to Andreas one evening without an appt and was very turned off.  I also wanted (and bought) a red wedding dress and they were really dismissive of that idea.  I ended up buying a dress at David's (I dislike the chain, and their no returns, must pay for everything in advance, etc) which is technically a brides maid dress, but I think its wedding enough for me.  But they didnt have slips in my size.  Weird, huh!  They sell small-sized dresses but were all out of small-sized slips.
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    I have used Marsha at PCP Bridals in Yarmouth.  She is great and less expensive!

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