Rant & Rave Friday

TGIF!  Have a fabulous sunny weekend ladies! Cool
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Re: Rant & Rave Friday

  • Rave:  The sun is shining and I am leaving work in 90 minutes to go to the International Beer Festival with co-workers.

    Rant:  The next 2 weeks are chaotic trying to get all the final meetings in before the wedding.   Unfortunately I have a business trip the week before the wedding so everything needs to be done now.  

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  • It has been so quiet around this board lately!

    Rant: I've been sick...all week. To the point of not getting paid holiday pay on Wed because I had to call in sick on Tuesday, and Monday for that matter. Sucks!

    Rave: It's the weekend AND sunny! I also got my florist booked and she is awesome, totally gets my vision for the wedding! Woot!
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  • OOps, I am a day late... 

    Rant: FI's new job paid him weird, so we are a bit shorter than we expected. This is making the last 21 days before the wedding more stressful than necessary. 

    Rave: My co-workers decided to pool their money and pay for us to stay at the Tulalip Casino on our wedding night since it is right next to our venue. I am so excited, we have never stayed there before :)

    Also rave, only 21 days until our wedding, and only 23 days until CABO!!!
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