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V-Day baby Update

Here is the update for everyone who was wondering. We finally took the pregnancy test Sat night after we enjoyed dinner and a movie on our honeymoon. We knew it was most likely going to be negative because I had gotten my period earlier in the week. We still wanted to be sure though. I took the first test and it said "not pregnant" and then I took the second test and the little symbol meaning not pregnant came up. Anthony made me take two so we could be sure. We were both a little upset. Anthony more so than me I think. We really want to wait until the fall to start trying for several reasons. We want to make sure any remnants of the antidepressant medicine I was on for a year are gone, the one medicine can cause cleft pallet in a baby. We are also hoping Anthony will get promoted at his job by then so we could get better insurance. I really think it is a good thing we weren't pregnant right now. But when I am trying to get pregannt I'll need the help of all of you who are tracking when you have the best chance of getting pregnant as I have never even heard of that before!
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Re: V-Day baby Update

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    I am sorry your H was upset but if it wasn't the right time then it is better off.

     I really can't wait to start trying. I don't know when we'll start though. Maybe April or maybe sooner, I'm ready whenever he is. My health insurance ends in Aug but I'll just get a private plan or better yet maybe H or I can get a job that offers benefits. That would be ideal. 
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  • I'm a big fan of believing everything happens for a reason. I bet your husband will get that promotion and will have great benefits so you'll be able to start your family soon!

    My recommendation is to start reading taking charge of your fertility now, even if you dont plan on trying to conceive for a while. It teaches you a lot that you may not have known about your body. I thought I already knew a lot and I have a few light bulb moments lol
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  • Hopefully Anthony will get that promotion and you'll start your family at the perfect time. I understand both of you feeling upset though. A couple of weeks after our wedding, I felt a little out of sorts and thought I might be pregnant. I ended up getting my period and even though we weren't actively trying, I was still a little sad.
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    I am sorry that you were upset about the negative results, but it is for the best. Its wierd, you would all be upset to not be pregnant, and I am excited every month not to be.
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    [QUOTE]Its wierd, you would all be upset to not be pregnant, and I am excited every month not to be.
    Posted by awarm014[/QUOTE]

    I like not being pregnant too....:)
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