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Bachelorette planning - NEED HELP!

Hi Everyone! I desperately need your help. I had planned a bachelorette party to LA for a friend who has always wanted to be on the Price is Right. We got tickets for May 20th and bought our flights and then we just got an email last night that tapings are canceled for that date. I really need to find other amazing things for us to do in LA .... we are all in our early 30's but love dancing, the beach (though not sure about the weather in May), etc.... What are some really cool, unique things we could do in LA? We will be there for about 2.5 days.

Re: Bachelorette planning - NEED HELP!

  • LOTS of TV tapings are free, if there is anything filming that you guys like that has a live studio audience, whether it's a gameshow or sitcom.

    The beach is nice, but the water is colder than florida. Venice beach has a lot of little shops as you walk along the sidewalk, and at the end of Venice Beach is Santa monica pier with some rides, shops and restaurants. 

    Otherwise there's universal studios or Disneyland, but I would recommend City Walk (outside of universal studios and it's free. Universal Studios isn't really worth the money unless you are really into the tour stuff. There are 4-5 good rides there. I would go to City Walk, plus there's a pretty good (but foul language) bar called "Howl at the Moon" which is a duelling piano bar, they would definately bring up / embarass the bride-to-be. 

    It's fun to walk (or drive) around hollywood just to take the tour and see the Kodak Theater, etc. Hope this helps!
  • TOTALLY agree w/PP! Howl at the Moon is a great idea!! I just looked at their website and they even have a link for bachelorette parties. 

    I also like Starline tours (they offer several different tours -- including one operated by TMZ, which is a lot of fun). 

    CBS studios is located at the Farmer's Market/The could still go there for the day. It's a good place to celeb spot. 

    And there are a couple of wineries in Malibu (check out Yelp). 

    Hope this helps!! 

  • You should go to one of the hotel pools- the Roosevelt, the London, the Andaz, the Penninsula and enjoy your friends.  I used to work at one of the above and there are ALWAYS celebs hanging out poolside.  You can have some drinks and get some sun.  Then you'll have made friends and be off for a night of adventure.  There are tons of clubs and great spots for dancing and getting rowdy. 

    Theme parks / tours are fine if you've never done them- but honestly I would seriously suggest avoiding a show taping at ALL COSTS.  It is a HUGE HUGE waste of time- like 5-6 hours and you're bored senseless.  Wouldn't it be more fun to be having a conversation with one of the stars then watching them do the same scene over and over and over?

    If you go to the beach- their is good shopping on the 3rd street promendae in Santa Monica, fun on the Pier, and amazing people watching in Venice.  You can rent bikes and go up and down the beach.  Good day outing. 

    Good luck and I hope you girls have a blast!
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    Thank you so much for your help ladies!!! Please keep the comments coming!
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