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Wake up wake up it's!!


Re: Wake up wake up it's!!

  • I've been shopping online for boots for my niece (before I saw this thread).  Funny, I saw a bunch of rain boots and thought they were cute but would I really get much use out of them? Rain here is just rain, no snow/sleet and most of our rain is in the summer.  Hmm.
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  • B... want to send me some boots too?? I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding some here.  All the one's I see are in the US! BOO
  • Morning!

    I usually go with the ugly, warm boots. I actually wore my crocs to work this morning because it was raining, but they're the "nice" kind of crocs that look more like boots with fuzzy stuff. :)

    The sound of the pouring rain outside it lulling me back to sleep and all I want is to be back in my bed.
  • QOTD:  I own these, so that should answer the question: 
  • Ugly boots for sure. But I wear flip flops and flats all year, so...
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Wake up wake up it's!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Wake up wake up it's!! : Oh man you have no idea. I think the amount of work I get done before 8 is more than some get done all day. :)
    Posted by Rosie109[/QUOTE]

    <div>There is something WRONG with you :)... LOL.</div>

  • QOTD: I have been known to wear the ugly warm boots for travel and bring the cute not practical shoes to wear once I get there.

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