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Pathetic family rant

Ok so when I first got engaged, i ask my cousin to sing durring the ceremony.  She said that she was more than happy to sing at my wedding.  Then in November she asked me if Phillip was gonna be there.  (Phillip was her fiance until she went crazy on him and broke off the engagement, since then she's been engaged again and broke it off. Now she's engaged again to be married this October.  Oh yeah Phillip is one of my dad's good friends.Oh and he is married with a child now.)  I told her I had no idea. 

Then a few weeks ago, she emailed me to say that she just couldn't sing at the wedding because Phillip was goin to be there (she called him to make sure) and she just didn't think it would be pretty because she would get all emotional.  So I told her I understand and luckily found a backup, and I asked if she was still coming and to bring her fiance cuz we would like to meet him!  She responded back with she was still coming and was bringing him to meet the rest of the family. 

Last week I talked to my dad and he's under the impression that my cousin isn't even coming to the wedding now!  She didn't think it would be a good idea for Phillip and her new fiance to meet.  I'm a fairly understandable person....but this just pisses me off.  I really think she's being pathetic and needs to grow up.  She's 28 yrs old. 

Just ranting...but I'm pissed about it!

Re: Pathetic family rant

  • sounds like someone isn't over phillip yet
  • Thats my whole family's thoughts too.  Except her family and herself can't seem to see that!  But of course if her mom aint happy noone is happy!  She's 28 yrs old and still hides smoking from her mom.  And it's her mom's fault she broke off the engagement with Phillip.  Her mom told her she didn't want her moving to Ohio and Phillip has children here that he doesn't want to leave.  Oh sometimes I don't believe I'm related to this family!
  • it's not her mom's fault she broke off the engagement, it's hers. no one can force anyone to do anything. she chose to do what her mother wanted, so don't go blaming mom on that one.

    how can she be engaged to someone else but still thinking about this other guy? just sounds weird. have you talked to her about it?
  • I don't really blame the mom for the broken engagement....I blame the mom for making her kids feel that she won't be happy unless they do what she wants. 

    No, I haven't talked to her about it.  I feel that my words would not be the nicest.  I guess that it hurts more than anything.  My dad even went as far to say that Phillip doesn't have to be invited, but to me that's just ridiculous to even go there.  It's very clear that she doesn't want new man to meet old man cuz new man may see something still there for her. 
  • Sounds like she can't put her differences aside for your special day!
  • Is your wedding really small? Because honestly I don't see what her problem is. Just promise her you'll seat them far away from each other. And if she happens to run across Phillip on her way the bathroom or something, she'll just have to be a big girl and keep moving.
  • i don't understand either why she would get emotional singing if he's there. she sounds nuts honestly.
  • In Response to Re: Pathetic family rant:
    [QUOTE]i don't understand either why she would get emotional singing if he's there. she sounds nuts honestly.
    Posted by psichick[/QUOTE]
    I agree!  If she's engaged to someone else, why would she cry about Phillip it while singing at your wedding??  If she doesn't want to attend your wedding because she's too immature to deal with herself it's her loss.   I would be annoyed too, but wouldn't let it bother me any longer than a second.
  • how long ago did you get engaged? she was engaged, broke that off.. got engaged again.. broke that off and got engaged again. Seems like she is very indesicive. It is your day and you shouldn't have to be playing referee. If they can't behave like decent adults then they will look like a fool.
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  • You have every right to be upset! This is your day, frankly it isn't about her or Phillip... She is your family and she needs to put on her big girl panties and deal!

  • Don't you wish people would grow up sometimes? It'd be nice if they could put aside their differences for one day and just be adults. Hope it works out for you dude. 

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    I could understand why she wouldn't want to sing. That's a nervewracking thing to do anyway and if it's in front of someone that you had a breakup with that could make it worse and emotion creeping in could ruin her singing.

    Not attending the wedding is a bit much, but at least now McCrazy won't be there. Probably better for everyone.
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  • Wow, sounds like some of my family's drama!

    Anyway, if she's not mature enough to put things aside and be happy at your wedding for your sake then let her not come. Enjoy your drama-less day!
  • I agree that it sounds like she isn't over the ex and that if she cares about you, she should grow up and stop making it about her and remember it's your wedding.
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