Need ideas on cake and ceremony musicians for Bride on a Budget


Anyone have good ideas for reasonably priced cake and piano/violin for  ceremony music? Looking for tips in Louisville. Thanks!

Re: Need ideas on cake and ceremony musicians for Bride on a Budget

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    Lisa Easton (Cakes by Lisa) is doing my cake.  I found her through my friend who got married in November.  She is so nice, her cakes are delicious (especially the banana and italian creme), and she's really reasonable.  Her website is 

    I'm not having ceremony musicians, so I can't really help much there.  Have you thought about checking with music departments at UofL?  There might be a college student who would be good and do it for a reasonable price. 

    Good luck!
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    We are using Wesley Waddle for our cake. He is out of Mundfordsville but delivers for a small fee (I think smaller than some bakers in Louisville). He is the most reasonable we could find (1.25 a slice) and comes highly recommended. Here is his email- [email protected]

    Good luck
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    I second Lisa! Good stuff. VERY talented!
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    I'm going with Sweet Stuff  in New Albany for my cake.  They'll do ANYTHING, including fondant and special flavors, for $2.75.  The women who work there seem to be really great and down to earth.
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    You need to at least check out Her cakes are amazing. I know when I got married I checked around and she was a little less than some of the other standard bakeries. Plus her cakes are amazing and very beautiful!
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    As far as musicians, I'm having the Troubadours of Divine Bliss for the ceremony. They are really great and VERY budget friendly. Their website has samples of their music. Walk by Your Side is my fav.
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