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August 2013 Weddings

Is it better/cheaper to not pick a saturday for the wedding?

Hello Brides-to-be!
I just got engaged Saturday WAHOO!!! It may sound so rushed of me to be on here already talking dates and "fun planning stuff" but my FH and I have been together for 5 years now and have a handsome 2 year old son (so we've had plenty of time to plan) ;) We came up with the date of Saturday, August 17th 2013 but I keep hearing that Saturday's are the most expensive venue days of the week...is this true? Should we maybe push it to Sunday?

Help Ladies!!! :)

Re: Is it better/cheaper to not pick a saturday for the wedding?

  • It is more expensive yes. Sunday and Friday weddings are becoming more and more popular. I personally dont like them. You and your FI would have to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of a Saturday VS a Sunday wedding and what would work best for you and your family.

  • Oh I almost forgot! Congrats on your engagement.

  • Moving it to a Friday or Sunday probably wouldn't save you as much money as moving to the off season like March or November.
    Every venue has a different off season. 

    But basically the more fexible you can be on anything - the better off you are.
    Like for flowers - if you tell your florist you've always envisioned white roses with pink tips, then your florist is going to have to special order those for your wedding. If you tell her "whatever you've got in stock that's pink" then it will probably be much cheaper.

    I guess basically what I'm saying is at this point you should have fun coming up with lots of different ideas and things you like, but try not to get too attached to all the details. You won't be able to negotiate with vendors as much.
  • I totally agree with Koi424! It would probably be better for you to look at a few venues and price for the days/weeks around it. Congrats on your engagement!
  • We had one venue tell us that it would be $1,00.00 more to to have it on Saturday instead of Friday. But we kept looking and found one just as good with no price change from day to day. It's probably going to depend on how fancy of a venue you want. Congrats on the engament!! 
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  • Me and FH are having our wedding on August 23rd which is a Friday. It is a lot cheaper than having it on a Saturday night. At first we werent  sure on having it on a Friday  since our guests have work that day.  We also needed to consider the fact that we are getting married at the venue as well so we are having our guest arrive at 6:00. This will allow them to have time to go home and get ready. Out of all the days, I think a Sunday afternoon wedding is the cheapest.
  • Some venues have higher minimums or site fees for a Saturday wedding. However, it really is worth asking because it isn't always the case. With the increased popularity of Friday and Saturday weddings, I found that many places didn't discount them too much or at all. Also, the "off season" has shrunk. One place I looked at only considered January through March the off-season, and that just let you use their regular menu, which was not available the rest of the year. For us, considering the extra cost to guests in terms of time off of work was a factor is deciding which was "cheaper" too. Best of luck!
  • It really wasn't much cheaper for a Friday than a Saturday at our venue. Saturday was our only option (we're Catholic), so it didn't matter ... but it was nice to know it really wasn't a price difference (I did inquire, just out of curiosity).
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  • PatgdPatgd member
    My fiance's cousin was married on a Friday a couple of years back.  The problem is they decided to have a traditional afternoon ceremony with the dinner and dance reception and expected everyone to just have the time off work.  Several people were not impressed when they found that one out because they had to book the time off work and, where there was a risk of them not getting the time off, they had to call in sick.

    If you can do it on a Sunday, as opposed to a Friday, I would look that way.  If you are going to go with a Friday, I would suggest not expecting your guests to be available for the all day kind of wedding.  Go with an evening cocktail and dessert type reception rather than the big fancy meal.
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