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Seating chart or no?

I'm getting married March 30 in Biloxi at The Redding House. Its a house from the early 1900s turned into a reception venue. It looks really formal but its not huge for a typical sit down dinner with big round tables. It comes with smaller four person tables scattered around the home. Would it be weird to have a dinner buffet and have people sit wherever they want? Should I just have heavy appetizers? My ceremony is at 6pm on a Friday and the Reception is to follow immedietly. I'm not from this area so I'm not sure what's typical....

Re: Seating chart or no?

  • How many guests do you have? If you don't have many guests, I think it's ok not to do a seating chart, but if you have over 100 people, I would definitely do one. Just to keep things orderly and less chaotic. Also, I would definitley serve dinner and not appetizers. Your reception is going to be starting around the time that most people eat dinner, so I'm sure that your guests will be hungry and I hate the idea of people having to stop and get dinner some place else after they leave a wedding. Good luck!
  • We didn't do a seating chart, but we had a suuuuper casual wedding. I've also never been to a wedding with seating charts - they seem stuffy to me. But I'm a laid back person. If most of the people at your wedding with know someone else there, I dont see an issue with just setting out an extra table or two and having people sit where they want. If you're having a plated dinner, however, it's easier to have assigned seating/tables. 

    Buffets, IMO definitely dont require formal seating arrangements.
  • I didn't plan to have a seating chart in the beginning but I think I have decided to have one. We have some larger groups of people coming from out of town, some who work together, some who are single, etc. We don't want any larger groups being sat in the middle of people they don't know because there was no room for them at another table. Or children having to sit on parent's laps because there wasn't enough empty chairs at one table. I'm probably over thinking the whole thing. It's going to be a pain do a seating chart, but I think it will be worth it.

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  • I realize you are already married by now but im doing a seating chard just because i hate going to weddings where there isnt one and you wind up at a table by yourself or just one other person there.
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