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Central New York

Flower girl alternative?

Hi Ladies,

I'd like to know if anyone has heard of or knows any good alternatives for the traditional flower girl with a basket and petals.
I'm looking to do something different. My daughter (who will be 22 months at time of wedding) is our flower girl and I really want to do something special and unique, maybe even a little fun for her!

Has anyone ever been to a wedding when the flower girl has had one of these "wands" that I have been seeing a lot of online?

Open to any ideas! Thanks!

Re: Flower girl alternative?

  • I know it isn't really "unique," but my FG just carried a pomander. The church didn't allow flower petals to be thrown. I actually would have liked for her to blow bubbles, but that was definately out of the question (older church with antique pews).
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  • What about confetti? You could do heart shaped, or get some in your wedding colors, or even let her pick it out (with some discretion on your part, of course). Bubbles are a very cute idea, but I'm not sure how easy that would be for a 22 month old. 
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  • I think it's cute when the little ones carry Here Comes the Bride signs.

  • Those are all really cute ideas!  I think bubbles would be ADORABLE!
  • I've also seen a "here comes the bride" flag. That could be fun for her to wave around!

    Bubbles would be so cute, but can your 22 month old blow them by herself? You may need to practice a bit with her ;)
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  • I'm making my flower girl a lollipop bouquet with all vintage looking lollipops in a certain color scheme!  I'm super excited for them to come in next week so I can put the bouquet together!!  I'm also wrapping the bottom in lace and securing it with a vintage button...hoping it will be cute!  If not, my back-up plan is a mini-size bouquet that will be identical to mine (made by the florist)!
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