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Red Jacket Resort? Other Cape Cod locations on the water?

Hi All,
We're looking to have a ceremony/reception at a waterfront property on Cape Cod for about 80 people on a Saturday night, preferably overlooking the water but not actually on the beach (needs to be handicapped accessible). I've looked at quite a few places that were fantastic, but I don't think they will for us... including Ocean Edge (no water views for a smaller party unless you have it on the beach/not handicap accessible), Wequasett (too expensive for us), Chatham Bars Inn (also too expensive), Willow Creek in Plymouth (too large for our party), and Wychmere (high minimums).

Are any of you getting married at the Red Jacket Resort? I like their ceremony location a lot, but I haven't heard any feedback for or againsit it and haven't been able to find many pictures. If anyone has any other ideas they would be greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you!

Re: Red Jacket Resort? Other Cape Cod locations on the water?

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    When are you looking to get married?  If you are ok with a wedding not in July or August (so May, June, September, October), look in to the Surf & Sand Motel.  They are down the street from the Red Jacket in Yarmouth.  They have a larger minimum at the restaurant, but for 80 people they may be ok with having the reception at the hotel.

    They don't have wedding information on their website, but very reasonably priced.  Contact person is Sandy.

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    Wonderful, I would love a Sept. wedding...thanks for the idea!
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    The Beach Breeze Inn might also work for you. Same deal in that they only do weddings in the shoulder seasons.
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    No problem.  I'm having my wedding there in June, so if you haven't made a decision by then, I can send you some pictures - I know they don't have a lot on their website, and nothing wedding related.
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    I looked into having our wedding at the Red Jacket.  I am from the area and loved the idea of a beachfront ceremony.  We ultimately decided to have the ceremony on the beach in Dennis and our reception at Ocean Edge.  Some things you should know about the Red Jacket are as follows:

    1.  It is just as expensive as Ocean Edge, they just make you pay a la carte for everything (so it seems less expensive);
    2. Depending on the time of year of your wedding they require you book up to 15 guest rooms for a 2 night minimum.  FYI the rooms arent cheap either!;
    3.  This is a huge family resort so if you have your wedding during the summer months be prepared for lots of kids/families on the beach and in the resort itself; and
    4.  The girl in charge of weddings is not the nicest person I had dealt with.  She made me feel stupid when I asked her some basic questions and the attitude was -this is what we offer-take it or leave it. 

    I love the area and it would be a beautiful place to get married.  But I am so much happier with Ocean Edge.  They bend over backwards to make you happy and they offer a bunch of different options to fit a variety of budgets.

    If you are really just looking for an Oceanfront ceremony you should check out the Audobon Society in Barnstable (Near Harborpoint.)  You probably just need to make a donation.  It would accomodate those who might have trouble getting on to a beach and the clearing overlooks the ocean.  It's really pretty. 

    Good luck!

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    Im going to echo jessica above - I looked at the Red Jacket and had a HORRIBLE experience in touring that facility.  We were going to be at approx. 65-70 people (we've since grown to almost 80, but thought we;d be smaller when we were looking at venues).  We were treated like a bother instead of a potential client.  We saw the setup for a wedding they were having later that afternoon, and there was little to no separation between wedding guests and resort guests.

    With an 80-person minimum at the Red Jacket, she suggested we go look at the Blue Water down the street.  We were shown through awful-smelling hallways and couldn't see the room thanks to a function going on in there.  We were made to feel like what we wanted to do was completely beneath the Red Jacket (I wanted a clambake - hardly burgers & hot dogs).  By the end, i could not wait to get away. 

    If you are looking for a beach ceremony only, something to look into is the Cape Codder in Hyannis, which has a beach ceremony optiion, even though it is not located on the water.  They will secure all your permits and provide transportation for your guests to the site (a 42-person shuttle).  We were going to do this, but our date (June 6) doesnt leave me a ton of confidence tht we're going to be able to pull it off outside.  We're still planning an outdoor ceremony at the resort in their courtyard, but the money for permits, etc. you cannot get back if its inclement weather.  HTH!
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    I love the Ocean House in post above! I thought it would be a great place for a wedding!  I couldn't use it (I don't think they do weddings in August even though I'm not getting married in August anymore....) but looks like it would be a great location - you should definitely look into more details.  They let you use the whole restaurant, they have a good area for a band, views are amazing. 
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    Thanks for all of the feedback everyone, this is super helpful! I love the Audobon idea, just emailed them for details and I will definitely check out these other places too!
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    I know you said that you thought the Wequassett was too expensive, but did you look at the Outer Bar (rather than the ballroom)?  It's open in the beginning and end of the season (so Sept.), and it's great for your size wedding.  We had 70 guests and thought it was the perfect size.
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    Falmouth Yacht club!!! gorgeous little spot... convenient accomidations,  yummy food , great service and rather cheap!  check it out!!!!
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    We're booked at The Sea View for May 21, 2011. She'll do discounts too if you do off season! Gail is absolutely wonderful! It seems expensive at first because the price per person is up there but if you look at how much other places nickle and dime you it actually works out to be less expensive and you can get married on the beach right across the street!
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