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Wedding website

Has anyone started a wedding website yet?

So far I'm cool with the Knot counter that say I have 800+ days. 

If yes, share your details

If no, when do you plan to do one, if at all.
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Re: Wedding website

  • I kinda started one on weebly (sp?) just to see what all it can do.  I haven't done anything to it, though.  I think once we make it past september we can say, "My wedding is one year and ____ months away..."  Then it will be safe to start playing with it :)
  • LOL - yeah I feel the same way.  It's still a long ways away and sometimes people look at you funny.
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  • No.. It's still too soon. I am just enjoying The Knot for right now... It does everything... Love It.
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  • I agree I dont plan to tell anyone about the website until September roles around. But I did start a little here a little there so I dont have to spend a lot of time filling in little details when I dont have the time.
  • I haven't started yet...maybe I'll start Sept of next year.
  • I haven't started one yet. I'm not planning on making one until it's about March or September of next year. 

  • i just started playing around with the one on here, just for fun. but it did feel a bit odd being it is so far away..probably will start taking it seriously next year.

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  • I've started working on the web site, but I've set it so that no one can see anything yet. This project is going to be annoying for me if I wait until later to work on it, so i'm starting it super early so I can work in small doses. So far it has been fun and I add things as I go along.  My FI help's out too and we have time to work out details without too many distractions.
  • I just started one last night even though we technically haven't set a date yet.  I don't plan on telling anyone until I get the major details ironed out.
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  • I have started my wedding website. its not much now but it is up and running.
  • I don't think it's too early, especially if you want to get some of the details out of the way now. I haven't had time yet to start mine but I plan on getting it up and running at some point soon.
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  • I've created a blog through BlogSpot for mine (link in my siggy). I'm a pretty avid blogger, so this was just a natural move for me. Plus, because we both have Gmail accounts, and Blogger is a Google entity, it was easy for us to both be admins and be able to post entries and pages (not that she's doing much with it...)
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    Check out our wedding blog/site!

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