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Coming out of lurking

I am a lurker. I am having more of a rock and roll wedding than a gothic, but I love this board. Anywhoo, I know some of you were looking for more pictures of the victoriana in black, and I found a bride on maggie's brides that had it. Thought I would share the link.

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Re: Coming out of lurking

  • Oh! Thanks for letting me know! I searched for pictures of that dress for months until one of the brides on this board had some pictures of her trying it on. It's great to see the gown in's one ofmy favorites.

    Feel free to stop in any ol' time!

  • JessieR933JessieR933 member
    edited October 2010
    Oh I will. I love this board, and reading about all of the neat things you ladies are doing. I love that dresses, I love Maggies dress.
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