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any one else having issues with Sea Dog in Hull?

So when we first talked food options we were told we could have a two meat buffet, higher priced meat package price would prevail.Fine, perfect. Was roughly 2528 a person. They kept wiggling on actually prices as we got further saying they had gone up slightly since the published prices that we saw and reworking menu. I kept asking and kept getting flimsy answers of a Dollar or two more. Which we planned for and were ok with. now they want to charge 2 more than original price for the higher meat plus an 8 fee for the chicken. Then times that both by final count. We had them break down the prices and chicken is way cheaper at 8 but I am not paying for 220 meals for 110 people. Not everyone will eat twice. I see it as the people who eat chicken make seadog money. Then there will be a few that will try two things. It's a gamble. But does paying for both meats out right seem wrong for a buffet?

And they have since cut the pasta and bread which we verified ,in person at the tasting with the manager, they would honor even after it was removed from the New menu. So now they want us to pay 40 more for less.

Not very happy right now.

I know we should have it in writing, but they can't produce our signed contract either. She has been stalling on giving us a copy. We never got one as they were closed for the season when we first met.

We can't afford this unexpected increase. Their option is to do plated which is 14 more than the original buffet option.

Re: any one else having issues with Sea Dog in Hull?

  • Before pursuing this any further, get a copy of the signed contract.  If they cannot provide you with something as simple as this, I would look elsewhere.  I'm also very impatient so there's that.  

    FWIW, I finally made it there a few weeks ago.  Everytime we went they were always closed for weddings so it's a pretty popular place :)  I hope it all works out for you.
  • How did the wedding work out?  Did you use the Sea Dog?  Any pointers?  We're looking at them -- for a sit down.
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